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How to run pks cli commands

  • ssh to jumpbox

  • Find ip of pks api server from vsphere

  • Find api hostname(FQDN) from pks tile

  • In jumpbox, change /etc/hosts Usually it's like below api.pks.local
  • pks login

From pks tile in ops manager, get API hostname(FQDN) for your PKS api server. It's probably api.pks.local or

From pks tile in ops Manager, get "Uaa Admin Password"

export passwd='XXX'
alias omcli="om -t -u admin -p $passwd -k"

bosh deployments
export bosh_deployment='pivotal-container-service-XXX'

omcli curl -p /api/v0/deployed/products/${bosh_deployment}/credentials/.properties.uaa_admin_password


export uaa_admin_passwd='XXX'
pks login -a api.pks.local -u admin -p "$uaa_admin_passwd" -k
# pks login -a -u admin -p "$uaa_admin_passwd" -k

pks clusters