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1 CheatSheet: Professional Communication For IT Workers


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1.1 Pitfalls For Geek Culture

NameSecond Thinking
No information barrier; sharing anythingInformation is power and profit margin. Only share the relevant
No hierarchy; just talk with codeIt’s more about people and business
Make all the possible improvementsYou may miss the priority and cross-functions cooperation
Value inovation over cooperationWorking solo helps to try ideas faster; but PoC is different from products
Be absolutely accurateHuman is not machine; So it is software development world
Curse of knowledgeNormal people are not dummy; they just don’t have experience you have
Assume everyone is with good willYou may be set up or manipulated
Rarely think about monetizationFace it. Funding is very important, even for open source projects
Communication is not actionableKeep talking fancy tech, but few impressive highlights or actionable items
Do everything in a hard wayIntellectual challenges may not be cost effective; you can’t do everything
ReferenceCheatSheet: IT Career Path, Cheatsheet: IT Communication, Cheatsheet: Opensource

1.2 Reference

SIPOC DiagramSupplier, Input, Process, Output, Customer
Six SigmaYouTube: Six Sigma

1.3 Facts

The only thing matters is what you value the mostPursuing different things will lead you to different action plans
Giving useful feedback is crucial for the seniorSelling is even more important than doing
Choose realistic goalsAre you sure you can afford that? And do you really need that?
Act differently for different personsStereotype helps; but remember each individual is different
Don’t lie to yourselfYou will fail eventually
You can’t win big by working solo
You can’t please everyone; Get the most of it
Saving small money may harm the org as a whole
Keep pushing until someone ask you to stop
You don’t get paid for the effort you have spentOnly for the value you have delivered
You can’t solve all conflicts & problemsSome problems can’t be solved in your level or simply conflict of interest

1.4 Typical Things People May Want

Be sharper in technical skills
Be more profitable
Get more hands-on experience

1.5 Typical Audience

Technical Geek
Senior management
Product manager
IT workers

1.6 [#A] Scenario - Technical Discussion Meeting

React fast for ideas people are presentingIf you’re listening to my ideas, why I would spare time in yours?
Don’t underestimate your effort and valuesTrust yourself. You won’t buy, if servants keep complaining their own products
Understand the situation and big pictures
Avoid going to extremeYou will probably be wrong; and make people uncomfortable
Learn how to interrupt politely
Ask questions with the format of yes/no

1.7 [#A] Scenario - Talk For Your Initiatives

Do rehearsal in advance
Let people talk more, before pouring
Know what the audience is interested
Watch and response, before insisting
Drain info and opinions from others, before talking
Every punch should right into the point
You have to earn your opportunitiesThe original assigment may not be good for both you and your employer

1.8 [#A] Scenario - Build First Image

Label yourself; inject perception to the audiencePeople are clear your specialities for future opportunities

1.9 [#A] Scenario - Small Talks

Expression of “Thank You”Never underestimate the power of that
Be resourceful and useful
Be interestingSmile and small jokes bring people close
Don’t make people feel bad

1.10 Scenario - Talk With Evangelists

Set examples by taking hard jobsShow your muscle to win the trust and respect
People want to be super starsCompanies would only need that for very few scenarios
Ask the right questionTo right people, right situation
Admit your stupidityDon’t hide it

1.11 Scenario - Decide When To Share

Be cautious to share the most real of your thoughtsIt could be a bad thing for everyone involved
Only share to relevant people with relevant infoPeople may get confused; be less helpful

1.12 Scenario - Avoid Getting Emotional

Even if you don’t like each other, you two can achieve more together
The world is never fairAvoid feeling angry, if something is unfair

1.13 Scenario - Reject Politely

Ask people to create a PR
Ignorance is also a valid response

1.14 Scenario - When To Ignore Issues

Some improvements may not be that valuable as them seem to be
As long as you’re not blocked, don’t botherTrack but think before escalating

1.15 Scenario - Shared Responsibilities

Don’t want to cover other ass, especially when you don’t like them
The ability to work independently, regardless of existing obstacles

1.16 More Resources

License: Code is licencommunication under MIT License.