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1 I’m Joining VMware To Build Enterprise Kubernetes

Guys, Two Big News to share with you!!

My wife and I have relocated to silicon valley. Finally! I will join VMware as a staff engineer next Monday. Work on enterprise-ready kubernetes product(PKS)

Hope I can make good influence and big contributions to the team and the product very soon.

Apparently I need to thank my wife and my family. It’s a big move. California is expensive and challenging. No kidding!

Also I’d like to thank my current employer - TOTVSLabs.

Vicente Goetten, Kung Wang and the team. Many thanks!

A lot of trust and freedom for me. I had a lot of fun working here. Global culture with a Brazilian sauce. People are warm and direct. Most of my working experience in US is from TOTVSLabs. I learned a lot from the team.

If you’re interested, check their openings: here. (Mostly allow remote)

Looking ahead. Why I’m so determined to join VMware?

It fits my next career goal very well. Be a k8s expert; Be a qualified cloud architect in the near future.

Definitely a lot of things to learn. And a lot of mistakes to make, I guess. But I’m ready!

Our office is in Palo Alto. If you’re nearby, ping me in LinkedIn or Slack. Let’s grab a coffee!

If you’re not local, it’s fine as well. When you have questions related to DevOps, Kurbernets or even VMware PKS, remember to contact me. I’m just one button away.

(BTW, our PKS project is hiring)


PRs Welcome

Blog URL:

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