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@JetBrains @ruby-debug
Reality leslieclass

Sometimes I am crazy


Tobias Bieniek Turbo87


@simplabs Aachen, Germany

Victor Maslov Nakilon

No, I'm not an open-source fanboy. I've just squatted the @nakilon username Ruby != Rails

@aitarget Moscow, Russia

Juan Carlos Aponte jcaponte

Digital Designs Group Venezuela

Angus H. angusshire


UC Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Eric Guo Eric-Guo

@bayetech Shanghai,China

DreamPiggy dreampiggy

Just a iOS/Web developer

Herald Studio Nanjing,China

Hu Zheng Axure

Just a young man. 開源恆永久,一次永流傳。

@QSCTech @CatchLabs Hangzhou

Victor Bolinches vicboma1

I build things into Software. Game/Tooling programmer and Indie Game Developer.

@playgram Spain - Madrid

Anna Kutarba akutarba

JetBrains Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Bei Zhang - Ikarienator ikarienator

Shape Security Mountain View, CA

Gabriel Montalvo gmontalvoriv

Data Science and machine intelligence enthusiast. I spend too much time hacking my emacs config.

Arecibo, PR

Maksim Ryzhikov maksimr

@JetBrains, @Yandex Leningrad

Bobby Burden brb3

Software Developer ------------- PHP [5,7], Ruby, Swift, Linux

UPS i-parcel Chattanooga, TN

Michael R Basher majicmike

Long haul to discover learn etc etc. D'oh!

THEXPLAYR South West of England

Ojo Oluwasetemi Oluwasetemi

I am a software developer. Interest in Code Education. I can use HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript and Bootstrap @cmapithub

@cmapithub Ogbomoso,Nigeria

Ivan Borisenko avesus

Since 1985 started writing, 1986 creative, 1987 leading, 1990 sales, 1992 soldering, 1993 programming, 1994 video production, 2001 first commercial software.


Dzmitry Misiuk dmisiuk

EPAM Systems Minsk, Belarus

Alexander Shvedov controlflow

Software Developer

JetBrains Moscow, Russia

Yuri Trukhin trukhinyuri

InfoboxCloud Russia, Tver

Victor Miclovich miclovich

Co-founder at Limitless Creations & BeVoyageur and Developer Mentor

SF > NYC > Helsingborg

Vladislav Rassokhin VladRassokhin

@JetBrains Russia, Saint Petersburg

Alexander Zolotov zolotov

JetBrains Saint Petersburg

Gleb Mazovetskiy glebm

Open source all the things

Google London