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Deno floats patches to //build here (they will be sent upstream eventually)
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android Add Java side of JNI annotation processor for static methods Oct 5, 2018
cipd [android] Move CIPD dependencies into DEPS. (RELAND) Mar 24, 2018
config Manage win lld-link.exe thin archive flag with config("thin_archive") Dec 7, 2018
experimental Remove GTK2 code Aug 22, 2018
fuchsia Roll Fuchsia SDK from 89d8d1c05501 to b94593097edc Oct 8, 2018
ios Set Python shebang in build to /usr/bin/env python Jul 5, 2017
linux Add pipewire to sysroots Oct 5, 2018
sanitizers Re-enable tsan on HarfBuzz Aug 13, 2018
util Always write //build/util/LASTCHANGE.committime. Aug 16, 2018
win Make copy_cdb_to_output depend on May 25, 2018
.gitignore Ignore compiled Python files. Aug 27, 2018 Add support for include_dirs to gn check. Jan 23, 2018
OWNERS Add tikuta to OWNERS under build directory Jul 30, 2018
OWNERS.status Add global status comments for owners Apr 7, 2017 Fix buildbot linux_chromium_dbg_ng reference in PRESUBMIT. May 4, 2018 Docs for //build:,, debugging_slow_… Sep 14, 2018
build_config.h Reland "Fuchsia: Stop setting OS_POSIX" May 22, 2018
buildflag.h Tiny fix in buildflag.h comment Mar 31, 2016
buildflag_header.gni Rename buildflag_header targets in base for consistency Feb 22, 2018 Make dirty checking in more robust Jun 17, 2017
ciopfs.sha1 Fix src/build/ Apr 9, 2018
common.croc Remove references to sconsbuild. Oct 12, 2013
compiled_action.gni compiled_action: Don't add host_executable to inputs. Apr 3, 2018
dotfile_settings.gni Propagate exit code in download_nacl_toolchains. Nov 20, 2017 Modify to work on Windows. May 22, 2018 Add a script that can discover *.isolated files in a directory. Feb 28, 2014 Support checking and fixing non-existing header files in GN Apr 29, 2017
gdb-add-index The Great Blink mv for source files, part 2. Apr 7, 2018 Print Windows crash codes in hex Feb 15, 2018
gyp_chromium Revert of Remove the top-level GYP files (or stub them out). (patchset Sep 7, 2016 Gut gyp_chromium, common.gypi. Sep 21, 2016 Expose CC.host_wrapper and CXX.host_wrapper. Apr 2, 2015 Make gypi_to_gn skip target_defaults sections. Dec 15, 2017 Add profile-unpacking build deps to Linux May 10, 2018 Add libatspi2 to Sep 10, 2018 build: Fix common misspellings Aug 1, 2017 [build] Remove gyp usage from landmines script Feb 20, 2018 Replace hermetic Xcode installation with CIPD-based flow (take 2) Apr 30, 2018
nocompile.gni build: Pass on dependencies of nocompile tests Sep 10, 2018 Don't strip DNTDocumentationSupport for hermetic bundles. Jun 1, 2017 Use precompiled headers for most large projects where the .gyp file Sep 7, 2011
precompile.h Add base::stack, convert std::stack uses use it. Oct 2, 2017 Create isolation target for WebView CTS tests and capture gn-paths ar… Sep 20, 2018
protoc_java.pydeps android: build: Use .pydeps file to store Python dependencies. Aug 7, 2018 Unbreak mac component build. Sep 23, 2016 run_swarming_xcode_install: Add --dimension and a name tag Sep 28, 2017 Add support for customizing GN's args text. Mar 4, 2017
sanitize-mac-build-log.sed Cleanup sanitize build sed and sh scripts. Oct 31, 2013 Cleanup sanitize build sed and sh scripts. Oct 31, 2013
sanitize-win-build-log.sed Remove removed (and outdated anyway) Perl IDL compiler line from sed … Feb 27, 2014 Cleanup sanitize build sed and sh scripts. Oct 31, 2013
shim_headers.gni Unbundle openh264 May 22, 2017
split_static_library.gni Don't use split_static_library when lld is used Jul 18, 2018 Install Xcode via swarming. Sep 15, 2017
symlink.gni Revert of Add work-around to symlink.gni to avoid "not up-to-date" ni… Sep 20, 2016
timestamp.gni Fix a typo in a comment. Aug 17, 2018 Remove some unused code. Aug 31, 2018
whitespace_file.txt Fix xtree patch check, and in turn C4702 disabling Jan 7, 2015 Reland "win: write a deterministic-ish timestamp into the PE/COFF hea… Aug 17, 2018 New build flag system, convert Google Now flag Nov 26, 2015


//build contains:

  • Core GN templates and configuration
  • Core Python build scripts

Since this directory is DEPS'ed in by some other repositories (webrtc, pdfium, v8, etc), it should be kept as self-contained as possible by not referring to files outside of it. Some exceptions exist (//testing, select //third_party subdirectories), but new dependencies tend to break these other projects, and so should be avoided.


  • //build/config - Common templates via .gni files.
  • //build/toolchain - GN toolchain definitions.
  • Other .py files - Some are used by GN/Ninja. Some by gclient hooks, some are just random utilities.

Files referenced by //.gn:

  • //build/ - Included by all files.
  • //build/secondary - An overlay for files. Enables adding to directories that live in sub-repositories.
  • //build_overrides - Refer to //build_overrides/


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