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Integration Tests

This path contains integration tests. When the integration tests are run, the test harness will execute tests which are defined in a .test file and located in the base of this path.

A .test file is a simple configuration format where each option is specified on a single line. The key is the string to the left of the : deliminator and the value is the string to the right.

Key Required Description
args Yes Specifies the command line arguments for the test. This should typically be input script for the test and a --reload to help ensure Deno doesn't leverage the cache.
output Yes This is a text file which represents the output of the command. The string [WILDCARD] can be used in the output to specify ranges of text which any output is accepted.
exit_code No If not present, it is assumed the script would exit normally (0). If specified, the harness will ensure the proper code is received.