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Small cleanups for //core (#1914)

* Privatize a few deno_core::Isolate methods
* Add deno_core::Isolate docs
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ry committed Mar 12, 2019
1 parent ad21be8 commit 6b07ed189cc0a787065d3cdb87a0bf2e09b29d58
Showing with 24 additions and 2 deletions.
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@@ -39,14 +39,28 @@ impl<R> Future for PendingOp<R> {

/// Defines the behavior of an Isolate.
pub trait Behavior<R> {
/// Called exactly once when an Isolate is created to retrieve the startup
/// snapshot.
fn startup_snapshot(&mut self) -> Option<deno_buf>;

/// Called exactly once when an Isolate is created to provide the
/// backing memory for the libdeno.shared SharedArrayBuffer.
fn startup_shared(&mut self) -> Option<deno_buf>;

/// Called during mod_instantiate() to resolve imports.
fn resolve(&mut self, specifier: &str, referrer: deno_mod) -> deno_mod;

/// Called whenever libdeno.send() is called in JavaScript. zero_copy_buf
/// corresponds to the second argument of libdeno.send().
fn recv(&mut self, record: R, zero_copy_buf: deno_buf) -> (bool, Box<Op<R>>);

// TODO(ry) Remove records_reset().
// TODO(ry) Abstract records_* and startup_shared() methods into standalone
// trait called Shared. It should, however, wait until integration with
// existing Deno codebase is complete.

/// Clears the shared buffer.
fn records_reset(&mut self);

@@ -57,6 +71,14 @@ pub trait Behavior<R> {
fn records_shift(&mut self) -> Option<R>;

/// A single execution context of JavaScript. Corresponds roughly to the "Web
/// Worker" concept in the DOM. An Isolate is a Future that can be used with
/// Tokio. The Isolate future complete when there is an error or when all
/// pending ops have completed.
/// Ops are created in JavaScript by calling libdeno.send(), and in Rust by
/// implementing Behavior::recv. An Op corresponds exactly to a Promise in
/// JavaScript.
pub struct Isolate<R, B: Behavior<R>> {
libdeno_isolate: *const libdeno::isolate,
behavior: B,
@@ -133,7 +155,7 @@ impl<R, B: Behavior<R>> Isolate<R, B> {

pub fn zero_copy_release(&self, zero_copy_id: usize) {
fn zero_copy_release(&self, zero_copy_id: usize) {
unsafe {
libdeno::deno_zero_copy_release(self.libdeno_isolate, zero_copy_id)
@@ -184,7 +206,7 @@ impl<R, B: Behavior<R>> Isolate<R, B> {

pub fn check_promise_errors(&self) {
fn check_promise_errors(&self) {
unsafe {

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