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Rip out track_task to fix http_bench bug

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ry committed Mar 14, 2019
1 parent 3551b82 commit bb999d7bb81b8fe1a7a642bb2e19f37257fcae0b
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@@ -175,50 +175,12 @@ impl Resource {

/// Track the current task (for TcpListener resource).
/// Throws an error if another task is already tracked.
pub fn track_task(&mut self) -> Result<(), std::io::Error> {
let mut table = RESOURCE_TABLE.lock().unwrap();
// Only track if is TcpListener.
if let Some(Repr::TcpListener(_, t)) = table.get_mut(&self.rid) {
// Currently, we only allow tracking a single accept task for a listener.
// This might be changed in the future with multiple workers.
// Caveat: TcpListener by itself also only tracks an accept task at a time.
// See
if t.is_some() {
return Err(std::io::Error::new(
"Another accept task is ongoing",

/// Stop tracking a task (for TcpListener resource).
/// Happens when the task is done and thus no further tracking is needed.
pub fn untrack_task(&mut self) {
let mut table = RESOURCE_TABLE.lock().unwrap();
// Only untrack if is TcpListener.
if let Some(Repr::TcpListener(_, t)) = table.get_mut(&self.rid) {
// DO NOT assert is_some here.
// See reasoning in Accept::poll().

// close(2) is done by dropping the value. Therefore we just need to remove
// the resource from the RESOURCE_TABLE.
pub fn close(&self) {
let mut table = RESOURCE_TABLE.lock().unwrap();
let r = table.remove(&self.rid);
// If TcpListener, we must kill all pending accepts!
if let Repr::TcpListener(_, Some(t)) = r.unwrap() {
// Call notify on the tracked task, so that they would error out.

pub fn shutdown(&mut self, how: Shutdown) -> Result<(), DenoError> {
@@ -71,29 +71,7 @@ impl Future for Accept {

fn poll(&mut self) -> Poll<Self::Item, Self::Error> {
let (stream, addr) = match self.state {
// Similar to try_ready!, but also track/untrack accept task
// in TcpListener resource.
// In this way, when the listener is closed, the task can be
// notified to error out (instead of stuck forever).
AcceptState::Pending(ref mut r) => match r.poll_accept() {
Ok(futures::prelude::Async::Ready(t)) => {
// Notice: it is possible to be Ready on the first poll.
// When eager accept fails due to WouldBlock,
// a next poll() might still be immediately Ready.
// See
Ok(futures::prelude::Async::NotReady) => {
// Would error out if another accept task is being tracked.
return Ok(futures::prelude::Async::NotReady);
Err(e) => {
return Err(e);
AcceptState::Pending(ref mut r) => try_ready!(r.poll_accept()),
AcceptState::Empty => panic!("poll Accept after it's done"),

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