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Add console.table(Deno.metrics()) example #1967

merged 4 commits into from Mar 20, 2019


2 participants
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commented Mar 19, 2019

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@ry ry force-pushed the ry:metrics_table branch from eb24a18 to ccb18b6 Mar 19, 2019

ry added some commits Mar 20, 2019

@ry ry force-pushed the ry:metrics_table branch from 86ae265 to e2655bc Mar 20, 2019

@ry ry requested a review from piscisaureus Mar 20, 2019

1. [XCode](
2. Openssl 1.1: `brew install openssl@1.1` (TODO: shouldn't be necessary)
Extra steps for Mac users: install [XCode](

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piscisaureus Mar 20, 2019



@ry ry merged commit 9444bd7 into denoland:master Mar 20, 2019

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Travis CI - Pull Request Build Passed
continuous-integration/appveyor/pr AppVeyor build succeeded
license/cla Contributor License Agreement is signed.

@ry ry deleted the ry:metrics_table branch Mar 20, 2019

juniarta added a commit to juniarta/deno that referenced this pull request May 8, 2019

Update (#2)
* Add --no-binary-download option to (denoland#1916)

* core: Behavior shouldn't be generic

We always pass around Box<[u8]>, and adding this generic is an
unnecessary complication.

Add deno_core_http_bench_test to

sharedQueue works on deno_core_http_bench

* disable arm64 test

* docs: fix example (denoland#1936)

* jsdoc style guide update (denoland#1932)

* Fix TextDecoder for SharedArrayBuffer backed TypedArray (denoland#1940)

* core: remove reset() from SharedQueue API

* Add test style guide (denoland#1918)

* Fix a missing import in example for testing (denoland#1935)

* Typo fix in styleguide (denoland#1946)

* Fix entry point for tools/

* Remove unused tools/ file

* More permissions prompt options (denoland#1926)

* CI jobs should fail quicker on bad test_format or lint (denoland#1954)

* Integrate //core into existing code base

This disables a few tests which are broken still:
- tests/error_004_missing_module.test
- tests/error_005_missing_dynamic_import.test
- tests/error_006_import_ext_failure.test
- repl_test test_set_timeout
- repl_test test_async_op
- repl_test test_set_timeout_interlaced
- all of permission_prompt_test

* Re-order tests for sanity

* Re-enable permissions prompt tests (denoland#1957)

* Remove Eager read, write, accept (denoland#1959)

Removing this reduces tail latency in test/http_bench.ts by half.

* Re-implement init scripts in core (denoland#1958)

Re-enables arm64 CI test

* Deprecate DENO_BUILD_MODE=release

Instead use: tools/ --release

* Make quiet

* Rename //src/ to //cli/ (denoland#1962)

To better distinguish the deno_core crate from the executable deno,
which will now be called "the cli" internally.

* Add async version of http_util::fetch_sync_string

* Move fetch_remote_source, fetch_local_source

They do not depend on DenoDir, so should not be methods of it.

* Add fetch_remote_source_async (denoland#1972)

* Remove old Buf definition in (denoland#1971)

* Separate behavior for the compiler isolate (denoland#1973)

* Add more async module loading function (denoland#1974)

* get_source_code_async
* fetch_module_meta_data_async
* fetch_module_meta_data_and_maybe_compile_async

* Improve pretty printing of objects

If an object has more than 5 elements, it is printed in abbeviated form
displaying only the keys. This is useful in the REPL when inspecting
large objects like the Deno namespace:

  > Deno
  { args, noColor, pid, env, exit, isTTY, execPath, chdir, cwd, File,
  open, stdin, stdout, stderr, read, write, seek, close, copy,
  toAsyncIterator, SeekMode, Buffer, readAll, mkdirSync, mkdir,
  makeTempDirSync, makeTempDir, chmodSync, chmod, removeSync, remove,
  renameSync, rename, readFileSync, readFile, readDirSync, readDir,
  copyFileSync, copyFile, readlinkSync, readlink, statSync, lstatSync,
  stat, lstat, symlinkSync, symlink, writeFileSync, writeFile, ErrorKind,
  DenoError, libdeno, permissions, revokePermission, truncateSync,
  truncate, connect, dial, listen, metrics, resources, run, Process,
  inspect, build, platform, version, Console, stringifyArgs,
  DomIterableMixin }

* pretty-print long strings

* Website and manual improvements (denoland#1967)

* v0.3.4

* Disable arm test again

getting this failure on travis:

  $ $CARGO_TARGET_DIR/aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu/release/deno tests/002_hello.ts
  qemu: Unsupported syscall: 278
  qemu: Unsupported syscall: 278
  Compiling file:///home/travis/build/denoland/deno/tests/002_hello.ts

* Fix clippy errors and upgrade Rust to 1.33.0 in CI (denoland#1945)

* core: Allow terminating an Isolate from another thread (denoland#1982)

* Remove dead code (denoland#1983)

* Website updates (denoland#1984)

* remove `console` constructor (denoland#1985)

* Handle overflown shared queue (denoland#1992)

Fixes denoland#1988

* Add benchmark for max latency (denoland#1975)

* Update ts_library_builder (denoland#1920)

* Resolve callback moved from Behavior to mod_instantiate()  (denoland#1999)

This simplifies the Behavior trait and makes it more explicit where the
resolve callback is being made.

Also s/StartupScript/Script

* Check `Event` constructor params (denoland#1997)

* namespace reorg: libdeno and DenoCore to Deno.core (denoland#1998)

* fixed typo (denoland#2001)

* Do not close file on invalid seek mode (denoland#2004)

* Fix some typos (denoland#2005)

* remove `isTrusted`'s setter (denoland#2006)

* Fix error when JS is executed with --recompile (denoland#2007)

test case from @afinch7

* Rewrite readFile and writeFile (denoland#2000)

Using open/read/write

* Fix typo (denoland#2010)

* Check `CustomEvent` constructor params (denoland#2011)

* Clippy fixes (denoland#2009)

* Make sharedQueue overflow warning quieter (denoland#2008)

* Merge the --recompile and --reload flags (denoland#2003)

* Add Process.stderrOutput() (denoland#1828)

* v0.3.5

* third_party: upgrade rust crates

* Avoid search prototype chain (denoland#2019)

* check `EventTarget` params (denoland#2018)

* Move //libdeno to //core/libdeno (denoland#2015)

Fixes some sed errors introduced in c43cfe.

Unfortunately moving libdeno required splitting into two parts,
one for cli and one for core.

I've also removed the arm64 build - it's complicating things at this
re-org and we're not even testing it. I need to swing back to it and get
tools/ running for it.

* Call ninja directly from (denoland#2020)

* Rename crate deno_core to deno (denoland#2022)

* Remove deno_core_http_bench from core/Cargo.toml (denoland#2023)

So we don't have to have an optional tokio dependency. We build
deno_core_http_bench using GN anyway.

* Publish rust crate on (denoland#2024)

* third_party: add rust crate 'clap'

* Update `deno -h` output in manual (denoland#2030)

* Upgrade to TypeScript 3.4.1 (denoland#2027)

* Improve new TextDecoder().toString() (denoland#2032)

* Add web worker JS API (denoland#1993)

* Refactored the way worker polling is scheduled and errors are handled.
* Share the worker future as a Shared

* add scoop in the install (denoland#2035)

* Follow redirect location as new referrers for nested module imports (denoland#2031)

Fixes denoland#1742
Fixes denoland#2021

* Fix missing return type (denoland#2038)

* Clippy fixes

* cli: refactor compile_sync() for readability

* Add deno_core::RecursiveLoad for async module loading (denoland#2034)

* Refactor deno_core::RecursiveLoad to be more idiomatic (denoland#2034)

* web-compatibility console (denoland#2042)

* fix console.log when error has been caught (denoland#2041)

* fix toString for some web objects (denoland#2040)

* fix JSDoc (denoland#2043)

* Non-fatal compile_sync failures (denoland#2039)

And model worker resources as Stream

* fix code bug in jsdocs (denoland#2048)

* Improve docs in core (denoland#2049)

* v0.3.6

* add compile_async (denoland#2053)

* fix v0.3.6 date error (denoland#2051)

* Add worker benchmarks (denoland#2059)

* Fix tools/ (denoland#2055)

* Test TCP_NODELAY in hyper_hello (denoland#2060)

* Refactor CLI flag parsing (denoland#2025)

* Fix typo in (denoland#2066)

* Fix (denoland#2065)

They were silently broken in 780e72 due to flag reordering. This commit
also includes a new assert that would avoid that kind of failure in the

* Flags clean up: DenoFlags::from (denoland#2068)

* use flatbuffer create functions to add fields (denoland#2046)

* Use -O3 instead of -O (denoland#2070)

As recommended in

* Add link/linkSync fs call for hardlinks (denoland#2074)

* fix `console instanceof Console` (denoland#2073)

* core: snapshot improvements (denoland#2052)

* Moves how snapshots are supplied to the Isolate. Previously they were
  given by Behavior::startup_data() but it was only called once at
  startup. It makes more sense (and simplifies Behavior) to pass it to the
  constructor of Isolate.
* Adds new libdeno type deno_snapshot instead of overloading
* Adds new libdeno method to delete snapshot deno_snapshot_delete().
* Renames deno_get_snapshot() to deno_snapshot_new().
* Makes StartupData hold references to snapshots. This was implicit when
  it previously held a deno_buf but is made explicit now. Note that
  include_bytes!() returns a &'static [u8] and we want to avoid
  copying that.

* Allow high precision (denoland#1977)

* Merge Worker and Isolate types (denoland#2078)

Reduces generics.

* core: poll ops round robin

Also use a VecDeque to store pending ops to avoid exponential time complexity
when removing completed ops from the list.

* core: Rename Behavior to Dispatch (denoland#2082)

And rename IsolateState to ThreadSafeState.

Also make ThreadSafeState directly implement Dispatch. This is simpler.

* upgrade deno_std & add workaround prettier issue (denoland#2087)

* Silence clippy warnings and format source code

* Use correct type for `source_bytes` when buiding in check-only mode

* fix --v8-options (denoland#2093)

* Improve op dispatch (denoland#2088)

* v0.3.7

* Update `deno -h` output in manual (denoland#2099)

* fix: re-expose DomFile (denoland#2100)

* better wait for removed_from_resource_table_on_close test (denoland#2104)

* Add deno eval subcommand (denoland#2102)

* fix absolute path resolution from remote (denoland#2109)

* Upgrade deno_std (denoland#2111)

* docs: add a pixelated animation logo (denoland#2110)

* Fix silent error, add custom panic handler (denoland#2098)

This is to work around Tokio's panic recovery feature.
Ref tokio-rs/tokio#495
Ref tokio-rs/tokio#209
Ref denoland#1311
Fixes denoland#2097

* third_party: patch hyper to reduce worst-case response latency

* third_party: fix bug in hyper latency patch

* Small fixes in (denoland#2118)

* third_party: upgrade rust crates

* Add max memory benchmark (denoland#2061)

* Implement async module loading in CLI (denoland#2084)

* core/http_bench: support -D flag to enable logging

* core: run isolate tests within a task

This change is made in preparation for using FuturesUnordered to track
futures that are spawned by the isolate. FuturesUnordered sets up
notififications for every future that it finds to be not ready when
polled, which causes a crash if attempted outside of a task context.

* core: make Isolate use FuturesUnordered to track ops

Additionally, instead of polling ops in a loop until none of them are
ready, the isolate will now yield to the task system after delivering
the first batch of completed ops to the javascript side.

Although this makes performance a bit worse (about 15% fewer
requests/second on the 'deno_core_http_bench' benchmark), we feel that
the advantages are worth it:

* It resolves the extremely high worst-case latency that we were seeing
  on deno_core_http_bench, in particular when using the multi-threaded
  Tokio runtime, which would sometimes exceed a full second.

* Before this patch, the implementation of Isolate::poll() had to loop
  through all sub-futures and poll each one of them, which doesn't scale
  well as the number of futures managed by the isolate goes up. This
  could lead to poor performance when e.g. a server is servicing
  thousands of connected clients.

* Move deno_core_http_bench into examples dir (denoland#2127)

* Add cli dependency on tokio-rustls

* Fix clippy warnings

* benchmarks: fix max_memory and clean up (denoland#2137)

* Fix flaky tests (denoland#2139)

* benchmarks: improve syscall and thread count (denoland#2140)

* Fix redirects under async load (denoland#2133)

* chore: update eslint plugin (denoland#2146)

* avoid prototype builtin hasOwnProperty (denoland#2144)

* Improve test slow_never_ready_modules (denoland#2145)

* core: test Modules::deps and handle error cases better (denoland#2141)

* v0.3.8

* Make Deno/Deno.core not deletable/writable (denoland#2153)

* Exclude .png files from git auto-EOL (denoland#2161)

Fix denoland#1995 for users with the old git version

* fix typo in permissions explanation (denoland#2162)

* docs: improve clarity of the text (denoland#2165)

* Fix link to http_bench example in core README (denoland#2167)

* Refactor CLI entry point (denoland#2157)

Changes "deno --types" to "deno types"
and "deno --prefetch" to "deno prefetch"

* Fixes denoland#2033, shared queue push bug (denoland#2158)

* Fix flaky tests (denoland#2164)

* Remove dead code js/compiler_test.ts (denoland#2160)

* Issue/2170 (denoland#2175)

* Consistency using requiredArguments method

Replaced tuple length check in Headers class with requiredArguments

* Consistency using requiredArguments method

Replaced tuple length check in UrlSearchParams class with
requiredArguments method.

* fmt

* Fix eslint warnings (denoland#2151)

Co-authored-by: Bartek Iwańczuk <>
Co-authored-by: LE GOFF Vincent <>

* Add Deno.kill(pid, signo) and process.kill(signo) (Unix only) (denoland#2177)

* Simplify logic in URLSearchParams, Buffer, Console (denoland#2174)

* symlink: Ignore type parameter on non-Windows platforms (denoland#2185)

Fixes denoland#2169

* third_party: upgrade rust crates

* Use tokio_threadpool's new panic_handler (denoland#2188)

* core: make Isolate concrete, remove Dispatch trait (denoland#2183)

Op dispatch is now dynamically dispatched, so slightly less efficient.
The immeasurable perf hit is a reasonable trade for the API simplicity
that is gained here.

* Upgrade CI to Node v12 (denoland#2193)

* Fix symlinkSyncNotImplemented (denoland#2198)

* core: Add test for snapshotting from Rust (denoland#2197)

* `URLSearchParams` deleting appended multiple (denoland#2201)

* v0.3.9

* Fix anchor links and add spinner to the benchmarks page (denoland#2205)

* Rename deno prefetch to deno fetch (denoland#2210)

* compile lib.deno_runtime.d.ts into executable (denoland#2209)

* Rename CLI flags to subcommands (denoland#2212)

* v0.3.10

* core: add Deps::to_json() (denoland#2223)

* URLSearchParams init with itself (denoland#2218)

* Use alt logos on benchmarks and manual page (denoland#2211)

* disable --version flag from deno version (denoland#2226)

* recover:  denoland#1517 Kill all pending accepts when TCP listener is closed (denoland#2224)

* fix test description for `atob` (denoland#2232)

* Revert "recover:  denoland#1517 Kill all pending accepts when TCP listener is closed (denoland#2224)" (denoland#2239)

Crashes while running wrk against

This reverts commit 972ac03.

* Disable flaky assert in killSuccess (denoland#2230)

* Add support for custom tsconfig.json (denoland#2089)

Use `--config`

* Rewrite (denoland#2237)

* removes ? from URL when deleting all params (denoland#2217)

* flags: fix merge error (denoland#2244)

* Upgrade V8 to 7.6.53

* Fix max_latency benchmark on zero value (denoland#2247)

* Fix another flaky assert (denoland#2246)

* Make `atob` follow the spec (denoland#2242)

* Make error in ast_util more informative. (denoland#2252)

* fs: add Deno.utime/Deno.utimeSync (denoland#2241)

* Rename test targets (denoland#2262)

* core: remove unused function StrBufNullAllocPtr()

* Refactor zero-copy buffers for performance and to prevent memory leaks

* In order to prevent ArrayBuffers from getting garbage collected by V8,
  we used to store a v8::Persistent<ArrayBuffer> in a map. This patch
  introduces a custom ArrayBuffer allocator which doesn't use Persistent
  handles, but instead stores a pointer to the actual ArrayBuffer data
  alongside with a reference count. Since creating Persistent handles
  has quite a bit of overhead, this change significantly increases
  performance. Various HTTP server benchmarks report about 5-10% more
  requests per second than before.

* Previously the Persistent handle that prevented garbage collection had
  to be released manually, and this wasn't always done, which was
  causing memory leaks. This has been resolved by introducing a new
  `PinnedBuf` type in both Rust and C++ that automatically re-enables
  garbage collection when it goes out of scope.

* Zero-copy buffers are now correctly wrapped in an Option if there is a
  possibility that they're not present. This clears up a correctness
  issue where we were creating zero-length slices from a null pointer,
  which is against the rules.

* Async iterator for listener (denoland#2263)

* core: express op as enum (denoland#2255)

* doc: add long about messages for subcommands (denoland#2264)

Type deno <subcommand> -h to view descriptions.

* Add Request global constructor (denoland#2253)

* core: remove support for moving deno_buf ownership from C++ to JavaScript

The functionality hasn't been in use for a long time. Without this feature,
the `alloc_ptr` and `alloc_len` fields are no longer necessary.

* Work around Windows-only V8 concurrent initialization crash

This patch provides a work-around for an apparent V8 bug where
initializing multiple isolates concurrently leads to a crash on

At the time of writing the cause of this crash is not exactly
understood, but it seems to be related to the V8 internal
function win64_unwindinfo::RegisterNonABICompliantCodeRange(),
which didn't exist in older versions of V8.

* Re-enable networking unit tests (denoland#2268)

The following tests were commented out in order to get this to go green :
- bodyMultipartFormData
- bodyURLEncodedFormData
- fetchRequestInitStringBody
- netConcurrentAccept
- netListenAsyncIterator

* core,cli: fix clippy warnings

* ci: run clippy

* Optimize read and write ops (denoland#2259)

* fixes body formData tests disabled in denoland#2268 (denoland#2274)

* Fix: deno --v8-options does not print v8 options (denoland#2277)

* add --no-fetch CLI flag to prevent remote downloads (denoland#2213)

* Bump required rustc version to 1.34.1

* ci: make the sanitize build fast again (denoland#2280)

sccache doesn't work for cache debug builds at the moment, because it
doesn't support the `-Xclang -fdebug-compilation-dir` flag that has been
added by the most recent V8 upgrade.

This patch should make the asan/lsan job on Travis CI fast again.

* fix: display "-0" for -0 (denoland#2281)

Added special handling code in js/console.ts

* Minor doc edits (denoland#2231)

* feat: support .mjs extension resolution (denoland#2283)

Removed `extmap` and added .mjs entry in `map_file_extension`.
The assert in the compiler does not need to be updated, since it is
resolving from the compiled cache instead of elsewhere (notice the .map
is asserted next to it)

* feat(cli cmd): deno xeval (denoland#2260)

* add "deno run" subcommand (denoland#2215)

* v0.3.11

* fix: deno version panic (denoland#2286)

* v0.4.0

* add warning for adblockers (denoland#2250)

* update for deno v0.4.0 (denoland#2291)

* fix: Add all permissions to deno xeval (denoland#2290)

* Add Deno.chown (denoland#2292)
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