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fix: edge case in toAsyncIterator #2335

merged 2 commits into from May 11, 2019
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Just for now

@@ -29,6 +29,38 @@ testPerm({ read: true }, async function filesToAsyncIterator(): Promise<void> {
assertEquals(totalSize, 12);

test(async function readerToAsyncIterator(): Promise<void> {
// ref:
const encoder = new TextEncoder();

class TestReader implements Deno.Reader {
private offset = 0;
private buf = new Uint8Array(encoder.encode(this.s));

constructor(private readonly s: string) {}

async read(p: Uint8Array): Promise<Deno.ReadResult> {
const n = Math.min(p.byteLength, this.buf.byteLength - this.offset);
p.set(this.buf.slice(this.offset, this.offset + n));
this.offset += n;

return {
nread: n,
eof: this.offset === this.buf.byteLength

const reader = new TestReader("hello world!");

let totalSize = 0;
for await (const buf of Deno.toAsyncIterator(reader)) {
totalSize += buf.byteLength;

assertEquals(totalSize, 12);

testPerm({ write: false }, async function writePermFailure(): Promise<void> {
const filename = "tests/hello.txt";
const writeModes: Deno.OpenMode[] = ["w", "a", "x"];
@@ -144,17 +144,31 @@ export async function copy(dst: Writer, src: Reader): Promise<number> {
export function toAsyncIterator(r: Reader): AsyncIterableIterator<Uint8Array> {
const b = new Uint8Array(1024);
// Keep track if end-of-file has been reached, then
// signal that iterator is done during subsequent next()
// call. This is required because `r` can return a `ReadResult`
// with data read and EOF reached. But if iterator returns
// `done` then `value` is discarded.
// See for reference.
let sawEof = false;

return {
[Symbol.asyncIterator](): AsyncIterableIterator<Uint8Array> {
return this;

async next(): Promise<IteratorResult<Uint8Array>> {
if (sawEof) {
return { value: new Uint8Array(), done: true };
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ry May 11, 2019


can “value” be left undefined here?

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bartlomieju May 11, 2019

Author Contributor

Not really, TS complains:

Type 'undefined' is not assignable to type 'Uint8Array'.

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ry May 11, 2019




const result = await;
sawEof = result.eof;

return {
value: b.subarray(0, result.nread),
done: result.eof
done: false
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