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@denobot denobot released this Aug 13, 2019


In deno:

  • feat: print cache location when no arg in deno info (#2752)
  • fix: Dynamic import should respect permissions (#2764)
  • fix: Propagate Url::to_file_path() errors instead of panicking (#2771)
  • fix: cache paths on Windows are broken (#2760)
  • fix: dynamic import base path problem for REPL and eval (#2757)
  • fix: permission requirements for Deno.rename() and (#2737)

In deno_std: No changes

Install / Upgrade

With Shell:

curl -fsSL | sh -s v0.15.0

With PowerShell:

iwr -useb -outf install.ps1; .\install.ps1 v0.15.0
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