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@denobot denobot released this Apr 19, 2019


In deno:

  • Async module loading (#2084 #2133)
  • core: improve tail latency (#2131)
  • third_party: upgrade rust crates
  • add custom panic handler to avoid silent failures (#2098)
  • fix absolute path resolution from remote (#2109)
  • Add deno eval subcommand (#2102)
  • fix: re-expose DomFile (#2100)
  • avoid prototype builtin hasOwnProperty (#2144)

In deno_std:

  • Enforce HTTP/1.1 pipeline response order (deno_std#331)
  • EOL add mixed detection (deno_std#325)
  • Added read file str (deno_std#276)
  • add writeFileStr and update documentation (deno_std#340)

Install or Upgrade


curl -fsSL | sh -s v0.3.8

With PowerShell:

iwr -out install.ps1; .\install.ps1 v0.3.8
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