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@denobot denobot released this Apr 25, 2019


In deno:

  • Fix #2033, shared queue push bug (#2158)
  • Fix panic handler (#2188)
  • cli: Change "deno --types" to "deno types" and "deno --prefetch" to "deno
    prefetch" (#2157)
  • Make Deno/Deno.core not deletable/writable (#2153)
  • Add Deno.kill(pid, signo) and process.kill(signo) (Unix only) (#2177)
  • symlink: Ignore type parameter on non-Windows platforms (#2185)
  • upgrade rust crates (#2186)
  • core: make Isolate concrete, remove Dispatch trait (#2183)

In deno_std:

Install or Upgrade


curl -fsSL | sh -s v0.3.9

With PowerShell:

iwr -useb -outf install.ps1; .\install.ps1 v0.3.9
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