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deno standard modules
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archive feat: add Tar and Untar classes (#388) May 14, 2019
bytes [bytes] fix bytesFindIndex and bytesFindLastIndex (#381) May 7, 2019
colors Eslint fixes (#356) Apr 24, 2019
datetime datetime: timezone fix in toIMF (#400) May 13, 2019
examples feat: ws client (#394) May 14, 2019
flags Eslint fixes (#356) Apr 24, 2019
fs feat(fs): add copy/copySync (#278) May 16, 2019
http http_bench: print address (#374) May 14, 2019
io feat: ws client (#394) May 14, 2019
log docs(log): fix docs mistake (#372) Apr 30, 2019
media_types Eslint fixes (#356) Apr 24, 2019
multipart Eslint fixes (#356) Apr 24, 2019
prettier walk() should not use deprecated FileInfo.path (#398) May 14, 2019
strings Eslint fixes (#356) Apr 24, 2019
testing benching: use (#385) May 10, 2019
textproto Fix #409 handle multipart header in mime reader (#415) May 18, 2019
toml toml: remove parseFile (#361) Apr 25, 2019
util Eslint fixes (#356) Apr 24, 2019
ws ws: make acceptable() more robust (#404) May 14, 2019
.editorconfig add charset & trim_trailing_whitespace (#158) Jan 26, 2019
.eslintrc.json fix: eslint errors (#265) Mar 12, 2019
.gitignore Eslint fixes (#356) Apr 24, 2019
LICENSE Happy New Year (#58) Jan 2, 2019 readme: loose port of go's std lib (#413) May 16, 2019
azure-pipelines.yml ci: bump to v0.5.0 May 14, 2019
format.ts Add run to shebangs (#380) May 6, 2019
test.ts feat: add Tar and Untar classes (#388) May 14, 2019
tsconfig.json fix: add exnext lib to tsconfig.json (#416) May 18, 2019

Deno Standard Modules

Build Status

These modules do not have external dependencies and they are reviewed by the Deno core team. The intention is to have a standard set of high quality code that all Deno projects can use fearlessly.

Contributions are welcome!

How to use

These modules are tagged in accordance with Deno releases. So, for example, the v0.3.0 tag is guaranteed to work with deno v0.3.0. You can link to v0.3.0 using the URL

It's strongly recommended that you link to tagged releases rather than the master branch. The project is still young and we expect disruptive renames in the future.


Here are the dedicated documentations of modules:


deno_std is a loose port of Go's standard library. When in doubt, simply port Go's source code, documentation, and tests. There are many times when the nature of JavaScript, TypeScript, or Deno itself justifies diverging from Go, but if possible we want to leverage the energy that went into building Go. We generally welcome direct ports of Go's code.

Please ensure the copyright headers cite the code's origin.

Follow the style guide.

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