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This is the code for

This website consists of two parts

  1. A Cloudflare Worker
  2. The static React Website hosted at Netlify

We want to provide pretty and semantic URLs for modules that will be used within deno. For example:

When we request this file inside of Deno, we need to receive back the raw content of the file. However, when we visit that URL in the browser we want to see a pretty HTML file with syntax highlighting.

To accomplish this the Cloudflare worker looks at the "Accept:" HTTP header to see if the client wants HTML or not. If it does want HTML, we simply proxy the request to Netlify. (We use Netlify because of their nice GitHub integration.)


This is a rewrite of the Deno website it will combine the code in and and have faster deployment.

This is written in React / MaterialUI / Netlify / CloudFlare Workers. Not in Deno. Ideally this could be ported to Deno at some point but we are in need of a new website and dogfooding takes too long. We hope to see this code ported to Deno with minimal developer flow interrupted (in particular, we need the ability to listen for FS events and reload the web server).

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