🎉A curated list of awesome things related to Deno
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Awesome-Deno Awesome Build Status

A curated list of awesome things related to Deno.


Official Docs

External Docs


NOTICE: Deno has a few official modules that could be found at deno_std.

  • abc - A better Deno framework to create web application.
  • camelcase - Convert a dash/dot/underscore/space separated string to camelCase: foo-bar → fooBar.
  • colors - A basic console color library intended for Deno.
  • csv - A simple CSV parser.
  • dejs - ejs template engine for deno.
  • deno-dotenv
  • deno-fnparse - An extremely simple parser combinator for JavaScript.
  • deno-opn - Opens stuff like websites, files, executables. Cross-platform.
  • deno-pretty-assert - A colorful assertEqual for deno.
  • deno-redis - An experimental implementation of redis client for deno.
  • deno-ws - An experimental implementation of websocket server for deno.ts.
  • deno-xml-parser - Deno XML parser ported from segmentio/xml-parser.
  • dinatra - Sinatra like light weight web app framework for deno.
  • expressive - An express-like web app framework.
  • flags - Command line arguments parser for Deno based on minimist.
  • http - HTTP module including a file server.
  • log - Logging module for Deno.
  • marden - Markdown Parser for Deno.
  • ms - easily convert various time formats to milliseconds.
  • normalize-diacritics - Remove accents/diacritics in string.
  • oak - A middleware framework for Deno's net server.
  • path - Deno Path Manipulation Libraries.
  • postgres - Driver for PostgreSQL database.
  • qs - A querystring parser with nesting support.
  • textproto
  • watch - A file watcher.
  • wu-diff-js - A diff library to compute differences between two slices using wu(the O(NP)) algorithm.


  • deno_ls_plugin a TypeScript plugin which will allow TypeScript outside of Deno to resolve modules in a similar way to the way they are resolved inside of Deno.
  • deno-docker A docker image
  • denoget - denoget installs executable deno script.
  • denoinit - denoinit generates useful files for deno project.
  • denopkg - An easier way to use code from GitHub in your Deno project.
  • dvm - Deno Version Manager: manage multiple active deno versions.
  • elm-live-reload - An elm live reloader written in Deno.
  • task-runner - Write tasks just like npm scripts.




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