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Kotlin Object Generator + Gradle Plugin

The problem - often you have projects with a combinations of runtime, static and dyanamic configuration and you simply want Type-Checked access to all config and values in a single place without the head ache of wrapping your properties etc.

Kotlin-Object-Generator (KOG) to the rescue

A quick example (everything from auto-compile to capitalization is configurable - look at source and tests in lib)

You have a property file as follows



my.other.obj.value=It really works


  • RootValues.kt - all root (top level props) values go into this files
import kotlin.Int

val TestRootValue: Int = 567
  • My.kt - the My namespace defined
import kotlin.String

object My {
    object Other {
        object Obj {
            val Value: String = "It really works"
  • Test.kt - the Test namespace defined
import kotlin.Boolean
import kotlin.Double
import kotlin.Int
import kotlin.String

object Test {
    val Str: String = "Densebrain"

    val Int: Int = 1234

    val Double: Double = 10.5

    val Bool: Boolean = true

Use the lib

  1. Dependency
repositories {
  maven(url = "")

dependencies {
  // Use a specific release - replace + with version
  1. Code
 * Create a configuration
 * For all options - see
 * @see
data class Config(
  // Output directory
  // this example will dump the files to your desktop
  override var outputDir: File = File("${System.getenv("HOME")}/Desktop","ko-files"),
  // All your prop files
  override var files: List<File> = listOf(""), 
  // Compile to classes and add to classpath   
  override var addToClasspath: Boolean = true,

  // Package to use for generated objects
  override var packageName: String = "TestPkg",
  // Package to use for generated objects
  override var capitalize: Boolean = true
) : KOGeneratorConfig

fun main() {
  // srcFiles will hold a List<File> with all generated
  // sources - and since addToClasspath == true
  // the compiled classes will be added to the 
  // thread context classloader
  val srcFiles = KOGenerator(Config()).execute()

Gradle Plugin (works+tested on 5.3.2 - should work above 4.10)

9 times out of 10 you will want the generator in your buildSrc, feel free to use elsewhere - but the following is the common use which will make all props available in your standard build.kts

Checkout example folder for full example

  1. buildSrc/settings.gradle.kts
pluginManagement {
  repositories {
    // The following can likely be omitted as we publish
    // to the gradle plugin portal
    maven(url = "")
  1. buildSrc/build.gradle.kts
plugins {

 * For more options
 * @see org.densebrain.gradle.KOGeneratorExtension
koGenerator {

  // Output dir - where generation files go
  outputDir = File(buildDir,"ko")

  // PKG
  packageName = "foo"
  1. build.gradle.kts
import foo.Example

println("KO: ${Example.Name}")
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