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Copyright (c) 2012 Tim "DensitY" Hancock (

 is a simple open source DCPU-16 Assembler and Emulator, developed in C#. 

This project's core objectives are:

* Full DCPU-16 emulation, as per Notch's specs.
* Neat Little Font editor (need feed back on more features to it)
* A hopefully reasonable back-end Assembler for others to use in their tools 
  (Providing a full IDE+Toolchain is not my intent with this project at this stage). 
* Giving me something stress-free to do. 

All sub v1.0 commits here will be in-development commits. Parts may/may not work. 

=== Binary download ====

=== Usage: ===

Use the Assembler menu to load code and create binaries. On the main form use 
"file->Load Compiled binary" To load up the binary. Hit the start button. 
Finally hit "launch user window" to open up a bigger window that'll also allow
key input to the DCPU-16 Program. 


Special Thanks: 
  - For dcpu timing base -
  - Refactored Assembler code. Added Unit tests using NUnit 
    (download Nunit seperately).