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Custom *nix launcher for GunBot

v0.0.2 • May 2017.

I'm using GunBot for quite some time mostly on various *nix-based VPS, so the process of editing and re-re-running all trading pairs might consume a lot of time. To optimize this part I have created very simple shell-script for simultaneously starting/stopping all config files in GunBot folder. So, please welcome GunControl!

GunControl will help you run all trading pairs simultaneously. Script will search GunBot folder for correct .js config files and will try to run'em all as background processes with screen.

Put guncontrol.sh in the GunBot folder and run it with bash. You can use built-in script commands to start/stop trading for all pairs or just show a list of currently running pairs.

Usage: bash guncontrol.sh [ start [pair] [exchange], stop [pair], list ]

Denis Smirnov / densmirnov@me.com / densmirnov.com
Cudos to gionni@gunthy.org for his start/stop script! 


BTC: 1denG4FjcXDeGSYeiv65R6Eyi3HWo7R8j
ETH: 0xa4C7fACEFC08e684Cd9043c3e31C86Dfb88DF75a
LSK: 10061645427951005252L