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My implementations of common data-structures
C++ C Standard ML
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Standard ML

Common Data-Structures

My implementations during university studies, the structures are well tested without memory leaks.

  • Generic AvlRankTree
    • Insert,Remove,Delete in O(logn)
    • The ranks are Keys with Max values.
    • Merge trees O(n).
    • Initial tree with sorted array in O(n).
    • Get sorted array of entries in O(n).
  • Generic HashTable
    • Dynamic array.
    • Chain Hashing with Avl Tree.
    • Insert,Remove,Delete in O(1) average amortized
  • Generic IterableList
    • Implements ==,!=, and Iterator interface.
  • Generic LinkedList
    • Doubly linked list.
  • MinHeap (integers)
    • log(n) operations.
    • Getting min in O(1) complexity.
  • Generic SortedSet
    • Implemented as Linked list
  • UnionFind (numbered groups)
    • O(log*n) operations.
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