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Project Description

Android app written in Kotlin and Java, developed on Android Studio environment. This is a project for the course "Project in Software - Android Application" (236503), taught at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

What is Jesta?

"Tase li Jesta" - Typical Israeli asking for a favor

Jesta is a Social app where can find people who are willing to take up your tasks (Jestas) for money and pleasure. Earn Cash and Diamonds exchange them for rewards.

  • Ask for a Jesta - post a job for people around you.

    • Moving apartment and need help?
    • Feeling sick and need someone to bring you medications?
    • Want someone to bring you cigarettes?
  • Do a Jesta - choose a task for you.

    • Find job that suits you.
    • Earn cash.
    • Earn diamonds and exchange to rewards.
    • Become the ultimate Jester.
  • Jesta Status - private chat regarding your task.

    • Ask questions.
    • Be updated in real-time.
    • Monitor your posted tasks.


Dennis Vashevnikov, Evgeni Leonti and Maxim Chicherin.

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