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The purpose of this documentation is to provide information for other programmers how to install Jesta, and information about the application structure, flow, main methods, algorithms and DB arrangement. This guide helps programmers to get started with developing and contributing to Jesta.

Clone the project via git: git clone

User Installation Requirements

Operating System: Android

Device: Smartphone

API Level: 23+

Key Features

  • High Performance (Fragments managing)
  • Private chats
  • In-app notifications
  • Outer-app notifications
  • Live DB with auto and swipe refreshing
  • Caching
  • Image fetching
  • Image compressing
  • Redirection to URL,Photo Album and Mail.

Project Managment

This projects uses Zen Hub Agile Project Managment, download chrome-extension and check ZenHub tab.

UI Design

Libraries Used

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