libhashab enables any libgpod compatible player to update an iPod nano 6th gen. This version is slightly modified to work on Slackware 64 -current multilib.
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libgpod extension to make it talk to iPod nano 6th generation

libhashab enables any libgpod compatible player to update an iPod nano 6th gen. This version is slightly modified to work on Slackware 64 -current multilib. I didn't tested it on 32 bit version.

I'm not the author of this library. I just changed the install script to make it work on Slackware, as the original one is targeted to Ubuntu.

Orignal author is danwood76. This is the link for the forum post where he releases libhashab source. There is also another blog post talking about this library that also mirrors the tarball.

Warning: This library is required ONLY for iPod nano 6th gen. It should NOT be used with any other iPod model.

Bellow is the README from the original author.

Contained within this archive is a version of the library that I have modified to compute the HashAB that is required to correctly sign the iTunes database on the 6G iPod nano.

The soruces for the 64-bit wrappers are included for refeerence and also a build script that will help you compile the two files correctly.


To install the modified libraries simply execute on of the install scripts as the super user.

So in ubuntu:

sudo for 32-bit Ubuntu
sudo for 64-bit Ubuntu

These have only been tested on Ubuntu 12.04, on other versions or distributions the library paths may be different.


The modified library will only calculate the hash checksum for devices with an 8 byte UUID like the nano 6g, if the library works for your iPhone or other device that uses a 20 byte UUID then this library will not work for you.

My Modification:

The library calculates the HashAB for a 20 byte UUID, unfortunately the nano 6g has an 8 byte UUID that is used in the calculation of the HashAB.

I spoke to the original developer of the library but he was unwilling to help without me paying him money. I decided that I would try and dissassemble and recreate the library myself.

So I dissassembled the library and after a bit of analysis I found that there was already an attempt to distinguish between the 8 and 20 byte UUIDs but obviously this didn't work on my iPod. I didn'tmanage to fix the detection code but I have forced the library to always calculate the 8 byte hash.

Another down side to the mod is that I couldn't find the same hook in the 64-bit library so I had to create a wrapper around the 32-bit library that can be called from 64-bit code.

I have included the original so you can view my mod, maybe someone a little more experienced in x86 reverse engineering can fix the real fault in the code

File List:

  • (MD5 = f782ef22a814c77cd995b9d1ad1c9f14): Modified 32-bit that computes the hashab for 8 byte UUID instead of the 20 bytes UUID it computes by default

  • libhashab32_wrapper (MD5 = d77d97ace553d59b1b4b97e2cbb7a5f7): 32 bit executable that allows you to access the 32-bit from the command line enabling access from the 64-bit library

  • (MD5 = 7b6cadfa1b1b93d22042ce73beabea1e): New 64-bit that uses the 32 bit version through the libhashab32_wrapper program

  • (MD5 = bb7180cb0c9cee2a605a5a276672913e): Original file