Slackware SlackBuilds scripts and built packages. Directories in ./ contains the SlackBuilds scripts. Packages built by me for Slackware64 -current multilib are in ./pkg64/. The artcile bellow contains more information in Brazilian Portuguese only. For English, see in the repository root.
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My very own Slackware's SlackBuilds and packages collection

The code here are for my own use. You are free to use it at your will.

Using my SlackBuilds

My SlackBuilds scripts are slightly different from the establishment commonly seen in, AlienBob, or even PhantomX SlackBuilds repositories.

The main differences are:

  1. I do not provide the source code for any of the software to get built. Instead, my scripts download the source tarballs at runtime;
  2. All downloads have their checksum verified. When the author provides a hash for this, I always prefer to use the public hash for the checksum verification, whatever it is. If there is no hash publicly available, I generate the hash myself using SHA256. WARNING: this could lead to MITM attacks;
  3. I do clean up after built. When a package is successfully built, the only file you are going to see is the built package (.tgz) itself. All the source tarballs and temporary directory are gone as soon the SlackBuild script hit the end with no errors. If you decide to build a package again, everything is going to be downloaded/unpacked/built again;
  4. You don't need to be root to build the packages (root is required for install anyway). WARNING: If you run the SlackBuilds with your regular user, expect some directory owner changes on your regular filesystem tree. If you don't want that, just run them as root, as my SlackBuilds don't chown anything.

Download, build and install

The workflow bellow is going to get everything done for you. Lets take as an example knutclient.

# svn export
# mkdir pkg64 && cd knutclient && ./knutclient.SlackBuild
# installpkg ../pkg64/knutclient-1.0.5-x86_64-2deny

Of course, you're free to modify anything in the SlackBuild script before run it.

After installation, you can delete everything:

# cd .. && rm -rf knutclient pkg64

That's pretty much it.

Ready made packages

For Slackware64 packages pre-built with these SlackBuilds and ready to install, see here.


My code is licensed under CC0. Code from others are licensed under their own terms. Packages found here contains the licenses for the original code.

I'm not responsible for anything you break by using the software found here.