PHP library for generating easy to remember passwords
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Phrase password generator

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PHP library for generating easy to remember, but hard to quess passwords. Inspired by xkcd comic, library generates phrases from frequently used words:

  • English phrases (example "throat fast only idea")
  • German phrases (examle "laut welt ganze liter")
  • Russian phrases (example "тоже металл пора подача")
  • Russian transliterated phrases (example "kater nekiy zabrat dazhe")

Try online


Via Composer

    "require": {
        "barzo/password-generator": "~0.4"

Basic usage

Generate password with default length (4 words) and default separator (space).

use Barzo\Password\Generator;

// would output something like "throat fast only idea"
echo Generator::generateEn();

// would output something like "laut welt ganze liter"
echo Generator::generateDe();

// would output something like "тоже металл пора подача"
echo Generator::generateRu();

// would output something like "kater nekiy zabrat dazhe"
echo Generator::generateRuTranslit();

Each of above functions accepts length and separator paramenetrs.

// would output something like "ritual-error-raise-arab-tail"
echo Barzo\Password\Generator::generateEn(5, '-');

Advanced usage

Call static function Generator::generate to generate passwords from wordlists. Params

  • wordlists - array of WordListInterface. If array is shorter then length, function would iterate from the beginning of array.
  • lenght - password length in words. Default - 4
  • separator - words separator. Default - ' '(space)


echo Generator::generate(
        new Barzo\Password\WordList\En(), 
        new Barzo\Password\WordList\RuTranslit()

// would output something like "idea-dovod-critic-sever-happy"

Word lists


List of 2048 most frequently used English words.

Class Comment Word lenghth Example
WordList\En all words 4-6 have, that
WordList\En\Nouns nouns 4-6 time, year
WordList\En\Verbs verbs 4-6 have, would
WordList\En\Adjectives adjectives 4-8 other, good


List of 2048 most frequently used german words(source). Words with diacritic letters (ä, ö, ü) and eszett (ß) excluded.

Class Comment Word lenghth Example
WordList\De all words 4-6 sich, nicht

Russian Transliterated

List of 2048 transliterated most frequently used Russain words (source). "Hard" to transliterate letters (ь, ъ) excluded.

Class Comment Word lenghth Example
WordList\RuTranslit all words 4-6 chto, etot
WordList\RuTranslit\Nouns nouns 4-8 chelovek, vremya
WordList\RuTranslit\Verbs verbs 4-8 moch, skazat
WordList\RuTranslit\Adjectives adjectives 4-8 novyy, bolshoy


Lists consist of 2048 most frequently used Russain words (source).

Class Comment Word lenghth Example
WordList\Ru all words 4-6 быть, этот
WordList\Ru\Nouns nouns 4-8 человек, время
WordList\Ru\Verbs verbs 4-8 быть, мочь
WordList\Ru\Adjectives adjectives 4-8 новый, большой


If OpenSSL extension avaivable library would use openssl_random_pseudo_bytes for random number generation.


$ php vendor/bin/phpunit



  • Updated WordList\Ru. Now only words with length from 4 to 6
  • Updated WordList\RuTranslit. Now only words with length from 4 to 6
  • Added German words list


To add new language open an issue with link to frequency dictionary.

Pull requests are welcome.


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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.