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Denys Dovhan’s dotfiles

Spaceship with Hyper and One Dark

There are tons of useful things in here:

  • The usefulness of β€œOh My ZSH!” is already built–in.
  • πŸš€β­οΈ Spaceships as a prompt.
  • 🐟 Fish-like autosuggestions.
  • Syntax highlighting of commands while they are typed.
  • Automatically closing and deleting of quotes and brackets when you type them.
  • Browser-like substring search for history.
  • sheldon for dependency management.
  • Useful aliases.
  • Git config, global .gitignore file and aliases.
  • Dotfiles synchronization ( with backup.
  • Restoring old dotfiles ( from backup.
  • A lot of useful bins.
  • update script for updating dotfiles, npm, brew, gems, etc.

Missing feature? 🍴 Fork this repo and make it better!


Dotfiles are installed by running one of the following commands in your terminal, just copy one of the following commands and execute in the terminal:

via curl

bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

via wget

bash -c "$(wget -O -)"

Tell Git who you are using these commands:

git config -f ~/.gitlocal ""
git config -f ~/.gitlocal "Name Lastname"


Use single command to get latest updates:


This command will update dotfiles, their dependencies, brew or apt-get packages, global npm dependencies, gems, apm plugins.

Under the hood

Note: You may put your custom settings into ~/.zshlocal.

Projects tree

I suggest you to organize project folder as follows:

β”œβ”€β”€ Forks       # for GitHub fork
β”œβ”€β”€ Job         # for job projects
β”œβ”€β”€ Playground  # for short-term experiments
└── Repos       # for long-term projects


Aliases are gonna make your work fast and enjoyable. See code in $DOTFILES/lib/aliases.zsh. Here is what's included:

  • Aliases from Oh-My-Zsh. See Oh-My-Zsh Cheatsheet for more.
  • Easier navigation
    • .. β†’ cd ..
    • ... β†’ cd ../..
    • .... β†’ cd ../../..
    • ..... β†’ cd ../../../..
    • ~ β†’ cd ~
    • - β†’ cd -
  • Folders shortcuts
    • dr β†’ cd ~/Dropbox
    • dl β†’ cd ~/Downloads
    • dt β†’ cd ~/Desktop
    • pj β†’ cd ~/Projects
    • pjr β†’ cd ~/Projects/_Repos
    • pjf β†’ cd ~/Projects/_Forks
    • pl β†’ cd ~/Projects/_Playground/
  • Commands Shortcuts
    • e β†’ $EDITOR
    • +x β†’ chmod +x
    • x+ β†’ chmod +x
    • ll β†’ ls -alF
    • la β†’ ls -A
    • l β†’ ls -CF
  • Open
    • open <FILE> β€” open file from terminal.
    • o <FILE> β€” open file from terminal.
    • oo β€” open current folder.
  • Misc
    • update β€” get updates (Runs $DOTFILES/scripts/update.zsh).
    • dotfiles β€” jump quickly into dotfiles folder.
    • myip β€” my local IP address.
    • password β€” generate random password, copies it into clipboard and outputs it to terminal.
    • path β€” print $PATH in readable view.
    • getpage β€” download web page with all assets.
    • get β€” download file with original filename.

Oh-My-Zsh plugins

These OMZ plugins are included:

  • git β€” git aliases and functions.
  • npm β€” provides completion as well as adding many useful aliases.
  • yarn β€” the same as for npm, but for yarn
  • nvm β€” auto-sourcing nvm.
  • sudo β€” [Esc] [Esc] to re-run previous command with sudo.
  • ssh-agent β€” automatically starts ssh-agent to set up and load whichever credentials you want for ssh connections.
  • gpg-agent β€” enables gpg-agent if it is not running.
  • More are listed in .zshrc (it's hard to keep the list updated).


Dotfiles also include some functions that will make your life easier. See code in bin/.

  • emptytrash β€” empty the Trash on all mounted volumes and the main HDD.
  • git-cleanup β€” removes old Git branches and does other cleanup.
  • git-fork β€” add remote upsteam.
  • git-upstream β€” sync branch with upstream.
  • gz β€” get gzipped file size
  • n β€” runs given command using binary in node_modules/.bin of the current project.
  • nyan β€” print nyan cat.
  • osx-shadow β€” add macOS-like shadow to an image.
  • server β€” start an HTTP server from a directory.


Note: Add your git user data and custom settings to ~/.gitlocal.


  • UI color is auto.
  • Diff colors are:
    • white bold for meta information;
    • cyan bold for frag;
    • red bold for old lines;
    • green bold for new lines.
  • Default editor is Vim instead of Vi.
  • push.default set as current.
  • Automatic replacement git://, gh:, github: addresses as for GitHub.
  • Automatic replacement git://, gst:, gist: addresses as for Gists.
  • User custom settings gets from a ~/.gitlocal file.

Git Aliases

  • git a β†’ git add β€” patch mode for specified files.
  • git ua β†’ git reset HEAD β€” unstage files.
  • git b β†’ git branch β€” list, create, or delete branches.
  • git c β†’ git commit β€” record changes to the repository.
  • git co β†’ git checkout β€” checkout a branch or paths to the working tree.
  • git ap β†’ git add -p β€” add file contents to the index.
  • git ca β†’ git commit -a β€” commit with automatically stage files that have been modified and deleted.
  • git cm β†’ git commit -m β€” commit with commit message.
  • git cam β†’ git commit -am β€” add all files and commit with message.
  • git s β†’ git status -sb β€” short status with current branch.
  • git master β€” go to master branch and pull from remote.
  • git develop β€” go to develop branch and pull from remote.
  • git git β€” do not complain about git git.
  • git l β€” commits log with pretty single line format.
  • git ll β€” log with list of changed files for each commit.
  • git ignore β€” ignore files: append file to .gitignore.
  • git this β€” initialize, add all files and commit.
  • git amend β€” amend last commit.
  • git redo β€” amend last commit with its original message.
  • git undo β†’ reset --mixed HEAD^ β€” reset index changes, but not the working tree.
  • git discard β†’ checkout -- β€” discard changes.
  • git contrib β€” list of contributors and how many commits each person has.
  • git today β€” see how many lines of code you have written today.
  • git stat β€” how many lines of code in repo.
  • git sync β€” pull and push changes from/to remote.
  • git-changelog [-l,--list,-t,--tag] <FILE> β€” generate changelog based on commit history.
  • git-cleanup [--force] β€” removes old Git branches.
  • git-fork <original-author> β€” add remote upstream.
  • git-upstream [branch] β€” sync branch with upstream (as default master).


If you wanna stand on bash version of dotfiles, please execute following commands inside the ~/.dotfiles folder:

git checkout bash

I do not support bash version anymore, so if you need fixes or new features, please send me a pull request into bash branch. Thank you!


Resources that I used to make these dotfiles better:


MIT Β© Denys Dovhan