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Unofficial, free and open-source Inbox by Gmail Desktop App
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🚧 This project is deprecated! 🚧

As you know Google is going to take down Inbox service.

This project is not maintained anymore. Since Inbox is closed this project has to be closed as well. It just cannot operate normally without Inbox.

You can find more information here.


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Unofficial, free and open-source Google Gmail Desktop App

Inboxer — started out as an unofficial Inbox by Gmail client for desktop platforms. However, Google plans to discontinue Inbox at the end of March 2019 (see official announcement). To keep Inboxer alive we have converted it to work with Gmail. Inboxer is now built on top of Gmail web-version. It has pleasant UI and supports useful keyboard shortcuts.

Inboxer is highly inspired by these projects:

Check out these ones as great examples of Electron applications. All of them are under the MIT license.


  • Familiar Gmail interface
  • Cross-platform (macOS/Linux/Windows)
  • Useful Keyboard shortcuts
  • Multiple accounts
  • Optional Always on Top
  • Auto-updates to the latest version
  • Desktop notifications
  • TODO: Dark theme
  • TODO: Custom text size
  • TODO: Ability to use as default mail client

All feature requests and contributions are welcome!


  • TODO: Update screenshot to show latest version working with Gmail Inboxer on Mac


Inboxer works well on macOS 10.9+, Linux and Windows 7+. You can download the latest version on Releases page or below. Inboxer is also available through the nix package manager (see package in nix)


Download the .dmg file or install via Homebrew-Cask:

$ brew cask install inboxer


Download the .AppImage* or .deb or .snap file.

* — Notice, that the AppImage needs to be made executable after download.


Download the .exe file.

Package Inboxer from source

You'll need electron and npm installed in your system. Download and extract the source code (.zip or .tar.gz file). Inside the source code folder, run:

$ npm install

Then package the app with:

$ npm run dist

This builds packages for all architectures. Use dist:mac, dist:linux, or dist:win to package a single architecture. The packages will be found in the dist folder.

Keyboard shortcuts

Inboxer supports all Gmail keyboard shortcuts, system-specific keybindings and more. Additional keybindings are listed below:

Description Keys
Preferences Cmd/Ctrl P
Compose Message Cmd/Ctrl N
Go to Inbox Cmd/Ctrl I
Go to Snoozed Cmd/Ctrl S
Go to Done Cmd/Ctrl D
Drafts Cmd/Ctrl Shift D
Sent Cmd/Ctrl Shift S
Trash Alt Shift T
Spam Alt Shift S
Open Contacts Cmd/Ctrl Shift C
Search Cmd/Ctrl F
Toggle Sidebar Cmd/Ctrl /
Toggle "Always on Top" Cmd/Ctrl Shift T
Keyboard Shortcuts Reference Shift / or ?
Toggle Developer Tools Option Cmd I (macOS) or Ctrl Shift I


This code is in no way affiliated with, authorised, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by Google or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. This is an independent and unofficial Gmail app. Use it at your own risk.

End User License Agreement

  • You will not use this repository for sending mass spam or any other malicious activity.
  • We / You will not support anyone who is violating this EULA conditions.
  • Repository is just for learning / personal purposes thus should not be part of any service available on the Internet that is trying to do any malicious activity (mass bulk request, spam etc).


Hi! I work on this project in my spare time, beside my primary job. I hope enjoy using Inboxer, and if you do, please, support this project 🙏🏻.

Credit/Debit card Bitcoin Ethereum
Donate with LiqPay 1FrPrQb6ACTkbSBAz9PduJWrDFfq41Ggb4 0x6aF39C917359897ae6969Ad682C14110afe1a0a1

I would appreciate your support! Thank you!


MIT © Denys Dovhan

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