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Ukrainian typographic keyboard

Ukrainian Typographic Keyboard

Combined Ukrainian keyboard layout with typographic symbols

This is a custom keyboard layout for Ukrainian language. It is a combination of the Ukrainian and English keyboard layout and the typographic symbols. Unlike the default layout this keyboard places specific characters in the more intuitive places.

  • Added Ukrainian-specific characters (і, є, ґ, ї, etc)
  • Russian-specific characters could be entered with modifier keys ()
  • Added English typographic layout for better consistency
  • Neutral icons (dots) for layouts (🔴 for Ukrainian, ⚪️ for English)
  • ' on Ukrainian layout

Want more features? Please, open an issue or send pull request.


You can install typographic keyboard layout using Homebrew:

brew install --cask ukrainian-typographic-keyboard

Or do it manually:

  1. Download the latest version of installer
  2. Install the keyboard by one of these methods:
  3. Open Keyboard and choose Install for current user
  4. Copy ukrainian-typographic-keyboard.bundle to ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts
  5. Set keyboard in System PreferencesKeyboardInput Sources


Use modifier key ( as default) when you need to type typographic symbols. For example:

  • + c = ©
  • + r = ®
  • + t =
  • + г = ґ
  • + . =
  • and so on…


Below you can see how keyboard layout interacts with different modifier keys , and +.


ua ua-shift ua-option ua-option-shift


en en-shift en-option en-option-shift


MIT © Denys Dovhan