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The Best Motherfucking Website

Source of The Best Motherfucking Website
Based on motherfuckingwebsite and bettermotherfuckingwebsite

Clone the repo

git clone

Deployment instructions

See partial-nginx.conf for the configuration file

Build instructions

In order to build this project, you'll need Yarn.

yarn install
yarn run start:dev

Visit http://localhost:8080 and you'll be able to improve / view the website :)

To deploy it, use yarn run build and deploy the contents of the dist/ directory.

Want something to be changed?

Open an issue and let's discuss it. If you want to implement it yourself do it freely and make a PR.

Want to create a blog with a similar theme?

Check out The Best Motherfucking Blog Theme or try HugoModo Best Motherfucking Website by thombruce.

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