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deoplete.nvim source for Python
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deoplete.nvim source for jedi.

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NeoBundle 'deoplete-plugins/deoplete-jedi'
# or
Plug 'deoplete-plugins/deoplete-jedi'

Note: If you don't want to use a plugin manager, you will need to clone this repo recursively:

git clone --recursive

When updating the plugin, you will want to be sure that the Jedi submodule is kept up to date with:

git submodule update --init


  • g:deoplete#sources#jedi#statement_length: Sets the maximum length of completion description text. If this is exceeded, a simple description is used instead. Default: 50
  • g:deoplete#sources#jedi#enable_typeinfo: Enables type information of completions. If you disable it, you will get the faster results. Default: 1
  • g:deoplete#sources#jedi#show_docstring: Shows docstring in preview window. Default: 0
  • g:deoplete#sources#jedi#python_path: Set the Python interpreter path to use for the completion server. It defaults to "python", i.e. the first available python in $PATH. Note: This is different from Neovim's Python (:python) in general.
  • g:deoplete#sources#jedi#extra_path: A list of extra paths to add to sys.path when performing completions.
  • g:deoplete#sources#jedi#ignore_errors: Ignore jedi errors for completions. Default: 0

Virtual Environments

If you are using virtualenv, it is recommended that you create environments specifically for Neovim. This way, you will not need to install the neovim package in each virtualenv. Once you have created them, add the following to your vimrc file:

let g:python_host_prog = '/full/path/to/neovim2/bin/python'
let g:python3_host_prog = '/full/path/to/neovim3/bin/python'

Deoplete only requires Python 3. See :h nvim-python-quickstart for more information.

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