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Mod Organizer 2 Plugins
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Mod Organizer 2 Plugins


  • Merge Plugins Hide: Hide / unhide plugins that were merged using Merge Plugins or zMerge
  • Sync Mod Order: Sync mod order from current profile to another while keeping the (enabled/disabled) state intact


Copy all files except LICENSE and inside your Mod Organizer 2 plugins directory.

The plugin will be added to the Tools (icon with puzzle pieces) menu.

Merge Plugins Hide

Note: When using zMerge to merge mods Mator recommends to use zMerge's built-in functionality to disable plugins. If you use this zMerge will disable the plugins for you. If you still want to use Merge Plugins Hide for example to keep track of the state of the plugins that are merged and quickly enable/disable them you can also set the hide-type to disable to use the same method as zMerge uses.

You can choose between the following plugin hide methods by changing the hide-type setting:

  • mohidden: Hide using the MO2 virtual file system by adding .mohidden to the plugin file
  • optional: Hide by moving the plugin file to the optional directory inside the mod
  • disable: Hide by disabling the plugin


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