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Unofficial copy of the FGW Library (aka "Playpen") from Francis Glassborow's C++ Books
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FGW (Playpen) Library


This is an unofficial collection of the source files for Francis Glassborow's FGW Library, aka "Playpen". This library is used for both of his C++ titles and is no longer available from the author's website. See the book's page on the publisher's site for the last official version.

See References section for links to official content.


The following is a rough list of changes that have been applied since the original CD release:

  1. Add fgw_headers content from the book's CD
  2. Add Appendix D, The FGW Library in MS Word and HTML formats
  3. Add updated content extracted from tutorial.exe that was provided on the author's website as of Nov 19, 2011. This content supersedes the content provided on the book's CD.
  4. Add contents of that was available from the author's website as of Nov 19, 2011
  5. Add contents of Windows Tutorial (zip) from the publisher's website
  6. Add UNIX-specific makefile and source code
  7. Remove binary library files


To the best of my knowledge, the license for the library and dependent files allows for hosting the content here for others to review (and contribute to), but if anyone knows differently please file open an issue in this repository and I will make it a priority to resolve the issue ASAP.

Current status

This repo is mostly an archive of the content as it existed in mid 2012 when I last touched it. I have no current plans to modify/maintain the content further, though I may apply light changes in the near future to cleanup/restructure the repo a bit.


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