Content Classification System
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Content Classification System


This is an experiment in classifying content based on unstructured properties of that content. It requires a set of "seed" data to provide some statistical information about the distribution of data points over the previously classified seed data.

How It Works

This system analyses multiple points of data about torrent files. It constructs lists of words, file size ranges, file types and tracker domains. Each entry in each of those lists is identified by the value of the data point in question and contains a list of categories and the number of times that value has been seen in connection to that category, along with the total number of times it has been seen.

To find the probable categories of a torrent, these data points are extracted from a submitted file and compared against the database built from previously (and probably manually) classified files. The "seen" category counts of the each point is divided by the total number of times that point has been seen, to put the value in a range of [0..1]. These values are added up and returned to the client, with the list sorted in descending order of value.

Right. Fine. The gist of it is: find the categories of torrents with similar characteristics to the one you're looking up and you'll more often than not end up with the correct result.



git clone git://
cd ccs
npm install
MONGODB=localhost:27017/ccs ./bin/grabber.js
MONGODB=localhost:27017/css ./bin/mapreduce.js
MONGODB=localhost:27017/css ./bin/search.js /path/to/a/torrent/file

Oh Hi There, I'm a Web Service

PORT=3000 MONGODB=localhost:27017/ccs ./bin/web.js &
curl -X POST http://localhost:3000/ --data-binary @/path/to/a/torrent/file

Oh Hi There, I'm Hosted Online

curl -X POST --data-binary @/path/to/a/torrent/file

To Do

  • Tuning
  • Additional metric identification and implementation
  • Distinct metric association/grouping
  • Allow manual database confirmations to build the dataset


BSD, 3-clause. A copy is included.