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Resurrect processes if they die.

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Resurrect processes if they die.


Jesus is a simple-ish process management tool. It's designed to be very light, while still providing functions enough to be automated if necessary. To that end, it only runs a single process to monitor all your stuff. It can be exposed via a unix socket (default) or an actual network interface for automation.


Available via npm:

$ npm install jesus

Or via git:

$ git clone git:// node_modules/jesus


Also see example.js.

To start a monitoring server

user@host:~$ jesus listen [where]

Where where is a socket location or a host/port. By default, it'll listen in ~/.jesus/daemon.sock. Note that it will not daemonise on its own - you'll have to take care of that for now. I run it via upstart.


user@host:~$ jesus listen

To start a process

user@host:~$ jesus start <id> [argument1 [argument2 ...]]

id is a string. It tells Jesus how to identify your process to you. The argument bits are basically just the rest of your command.


user@host:~$ jesus start nc.1 nc -l -p 8001

To stop a process

user@host:~$ jesus stop <id>

Pretty simple. Does what it says on the tin.

To restart a process

user@host:~$ jesus restart <id>

Same as stop for the most part. Self-explanatory.

To list processes

user@host:~$ jesus list

This'll give you a nice list of processes that are running, and some limited statistics.

To restart all processes

user@host:~$ jesus restartall

Restarts everything that's running.


3-clause BSD. A copy is included with the source.


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