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A token/key obscuring function for API calls using Netlify functions.
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Token Hider

This is an example of hiding the API token/key for API calls using Google Maps API and Netlify Functions.

Live demo

TL;DR deploy to Netlify



When you deploy your site to Netlify, you'll need to define the following Environment Variables in the UI.

Testing locally

1. Install

Clone the repo and go to function_examples/token-hider and npm install.

2. Run Lambda Functions

Type in the following script in your console: export API_URL="" && export API_TOKEN="<your Google Maps API token>" && npm run lambda:dev This will start a local dev server. Requests to http://localhost:9000/getapi will route to functions/getapi.js.

To test, add a query to retrieve a specific data object, e.g.: localhost:9000/getapi?address=220+Stanhope+St,+Brooklyn,+NY

3. Run site

Open a new console and type in: npm run site:dev The site is now available at http://localhost:1234/

Notes: Make sure you run Functions first before you run the site.

To test, go to localhost:1234 and enter and address and hit 'submit'

4. Run both

To run both function and site servers, use npm start.

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