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depage-cms a user friendly content management system (cms) for small and medium sized websites. At the same time it is an easily extensible php-framework to generate dynamic web-pages and web-applications.


  • autoloader for subclasses (no 'includes' and 'requires' anymore)
  • two templating systems
    • easy php-based templating system for dynamically generated pages
    • xslt-based templating system for user editable pages
  • mysql-based xml-database
  • depage-forms included, for easy and comfortable html5-form-generation
  • automatic minimization of javascript- and css-files
  • caching class which can use different backends
    • file
    • memcache
    • memcached


  • PHP 5.3 with following modules
    • domxml-support
    • xslt-support
    • gettext
  • MySQL
    • MySQL with InnoDB support (for xmldb)
  • memcache(d) (if you want to use caching with memcached)

For more information

You can fork us at:

You find the documentation at:

For more information about depage-cms go to:

License (dual)

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