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vets-api-clients (VA Lighthouse APIs)

⚠️ Materials in this repo may be outdated as of October 2019. This repository contains resources for accessing VA Lighthouse APIs. It includes API specifications, sample clients, and general access information. Anything older than April 2019 may be considered deprecated. For the most up-to-date Lighthouse API documentation, please visit

Welcome to the repository for consumers of Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Lighthouse APIs.

If you would like to improve or suggest edits to API documentation for the VA APIs, please visit the APIs repo or the Developer Portal repo.

Third-party access to VA Lighthouse APIs is available to anyone with a developer token (API key), which can be obtained via a quick application form. Production access will be granted later by scheduling a demo of your application for stakeholders.

Note that the Health (FHIR / Argonaut) APIs for access to Veteran health records are not yet in production; dev access in sandbox using mock patient data is available, and we expect these APIs to be in production by fall of 2019.

Available Services

* APIs marked with an asterisk are currently for internal VA use only.

Address Validation*

  • The Address Validation service provides methods to both standardize and validate addresses.

Appeals Status*

  • Use the Appeals Status API to request the status of a Veteran's benefits claim appeal.

Benefits Claims

  • Use the Claims (Auto-Establishment) API to submit a Veteran's benefits claim via EVSS (Electronic Veterans Self-Service), and to request the status of a Veteran's benefits claim.

Benefits Intake (fka Document Upload Service)

  • The Benefits Intake API allows authorized third-party systems used by Veteran Service Organizations and agencies to upload claim documents (scanned to PDF) directly to the Veterans Benefits Administration's (VBA) claims intake process.


  • Use the Facilities API to find contact info, location, hours of operation, available services and other relevant information about a specific VA facility.

Health (Dev only)

  • Use the Health APIs to allow Veterans to view their medical records, schedule an appointment, find a specialty facility, and share their information with caregivers and providers.

Veteran Verification

  • The Veteran Verification API empowers Veterans to access their service history, Veteran status, discharge information and disability rating and put that information to work for them.

Disability Rating

  • The Disability Rating endpoint allows third-parties to access the disability rating of a Veteran after receiving authorization to do so using an Open ID Connect flow.

Service History

  • The Service History endpoint allows third-parties to access the service history of a Veteran after receiving authorization to do so using an Open ID Connect flow.

Veteran Confirmation

  • The Veteran Confirmation endpoint allows third-parties to request confirmation from the VA of an individual's Veteran status after receiving authorization to do so using an Open ID Connect flow.

Further Assistance

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please visit our support page, where you can contact us and peruse the FAQ. You will receive a human reply within 24 hours. Additionally, you may open a comment or support request inside this repo.

Incident and Outage Awareness (Statuspage)

Please visit and subscribe to alerts from the VA Lighthouse Statuspage for up-to-the minute reports on API and gateway functionality. Currently monitoring the dev environment only, with production coming soon.


Reference implementations and documentation for third-party access to VA APIs.



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