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Release 0.0.8

b7ca1bb everything but the images

8a0ec4a Merge pull request #25 from department-of-veterans-affairs/landing_page

everything but the images

5e41279 remove scroll-behavior: smooth;

f33df40 Update

playing with tables - @jaredcunha-usds : is there a way to unbold in tables?

a2a5e84 dead links - fix

@jaredcunha-usds - the links to Merriam Websters and the Word list go to 404s. I've put in the correct links, but could you check when you deploy that they are really working? Not sure if I'm pasting in the links incorrectly. .

68b106d Update

Changed Do/Don't to Like this/Not this. (Will use this convention going forward everywhere.) Removed "press" for clarity - we will use "select" going forward for consistency.

b6ff4c2 added examples

@jaredcunha-usds - Is there a way to make the right column the same fixed width as the first (left) column? I want them to be the same width, so it is clear and visible that the "Like this" examples are all more conversational while being shorter and more succinct.

3e7a7db content update

acd7f79 Merge branch 'master' of

fe60227 use process list as component instead of list

50843ca update to 5.4.0

377a2d6 Merge pull request #26 from department-of-veterans-affairs/5.4.0

update to 5.4.0

bf8031d update the index page links

ed9b8ee add aria-hidden to icon in table headings

c67312d add aria-hidden to icons in table headings

d7047a2 add do-don't for documentation

6b53203 Merge pull request #27 from department-of-veterans-affairs/dodont

add do-don't for documentation

0839942 readme update

94e3ce9 remove max-width from do/dont

8b00564 text update

1d5b065 text, remove widows

18af03b document link buttons

4db7b96 update version

8d602b2 Merge pull request #29 from department-of-veterans-affairs/5.4.1

update version

b3eafec add sass variable names to colors

c58f1e5 Update

9d8252d the colors

8247777 external link documentation, version bump

9c9bda2 Merge pull request #31 from department-of-veterans-affairs/external_link

external link documentation, version bump

61a3992 table fix

2ac786f tar folder contents instead of folder itself + dev-appropriate filename upload

61ac731 Merge pull request #32 from department-of-veterans-affairs/jenkinsfile-tweaks

Jenkinsfile tweaks for tar & upload filename

fb395ec Merge pull request #30 from department-of-veterans-affairs/jenniferlee-va-content-style-forms


9b08cde developer documentation

d48f273 Merge branch 'master' of

3e81664 Update

90a2cbe documentation fix

f8c2e2f Merge branch 'master' of

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