A reusable Go application for dependencies.io components
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A Go application that can be installed both inside dependencies.io components, and on your local machine.

Installing on your machine

$ curl https://www.dependencies.io/install.sh | bash -s 2.5.0-beta.1

Or, you can download binaries manually from the releases on GitHub.

Usage in a dependencies.io component

Add to your Dockerfile.

RUN curl https://www.dependencies.io/install.sh | bash -s -- -b /usr/local/bin $DEPS_VERSION

Available commands

For collectors

deps component collect <JSON file path> - will report the contents of the JSON file back to dependencies.io

deps component hook <hook name> - run a named hook

For actors

deps component branch - creates and checks out a new branch for this update, using the JOB_ID as a unique identifier

deps component commit -m "message" <paths> - adds and commits files to git, similar to using git manually but automatically runs commit-related hooks (see below)

deps component pullrequest <JSON file path> - creates a pull request (or merge request) on the host for the repo, using the contents of the JSON file for generating PR content

deps component hook <hook name> - run a named hook


Hooks provide dependencies.io users a way of injecting their own commands and scripts into the update process, making updates more flexible.

Hooks can be set by the user in the settings section of their config (see below).

For collectors

before_update - each collector should implement this (via deps hook before_update) before collection happens, so that any bootstrapping steps are run before dependencies are collected similarly to how they would be run before a pull request is made

For actors

before_branch - runs in deps branch, before the branch is actually created

after_branch - runs in deps branch, after the branch has been created

before_update - runs in deps branch, since that is usually the first step in creating an update for a dependency

before_commit - runs in deps commit, before the commit is made

after_commit - runs in deps commit, after the commit is made

after_update - runs in deps pullrequest, before the pull request is created since that is usually the last operation in an update

before_pullrequest - runs in deps pullrequest, before the pull request is created

after_pullrequest - runs in deps pullrequest, after the pull request has been created


Any dependencies-io component using this will have these settings available, so they should be added to the README.

  branch_prefix: our-prefix/

  commit_message_prefix: "(chore) "

  pullrequest_notes: Notes that will be inserted at the top of the PR body.

  # automatically close outdated open PRs (works with GitHub only)
  related_pr_behavior: close

  # github options
  github_labels:  # list of label names
  - bug
  github_assignees:  # list of usernames
  - davegaeddert
  github_milestone: 3  # milestone number
  github_base_branch: develop  # branch to make PR against (if something other than your default branch)

  # gitlab options
  gitlab_assignee_id: 1  # assignee user ID
  gitlab_labels:  # labels for MR as a list of strings
  - dependencies
  - update
  gitlab_milestone_id: 1  # the ID of a milestone
  gitlab_target_project_id: 1  # The target project (numeric id)
  gitlab_remove_source_branch: true  # flag indicating if a merge request should remove the source branch when merging
  gitlab_target_branch: develop  # branch to make PR against (if something other than your default branch)

  # hooks - always a list of commands
  - ./scripts/bootstrap

  - ./scripts/generate_file
  - git add examplefile

Environment variables

Always required

  • GIT_HOST - "github" or "gitlab" ("test" for testing/development)
  • GIT_BRANCH - the default branch on the repo (usually "master")
  • JOB_ID - a unique identifier for this "job", in production it is a UUID4
  • DEPENDENCIES_ENV - should be "production" for PRs to actually be created

Always optional

  • SETTING_PULLREQUEST_NOTES - user-supplied content to insert at the top of the PR body
  • SETTING_RELATED_PR_BEHAVIOR - can be "close" to automatically close outdated open PRs
  • SETTING_{{HOOK_NAME}} - JSON encoded list of commands


  • SETTING_GITHUB_LABELS - JSON encoded list of strings
  • SETTING_GITHUB_ASSIGNEES - JSON encoded list of strings
  • SETTING_GITHUB_MILESTONE - int of milestone number



  • GITLAB_API_URL - url to the project in the GitLab API


  • SETTING_GITLAB_LABELS - JSON encoded list of strings
  • SETTING_GITLAB_MILESTONE_ID - work in progress