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Navigate front-end codebases in Atom

  • Supports JavaScript (AMD, CommonJS, ES6)
  • Supports CSS (Sass, Stylus)


  • You need Node.js v0.10 or above
  • If you'd like to use the View Tree -> As Image feature, you need Graphviz installed.
Installing Graphviz
Mac OS X
$ sudo port install graphviz


$ brew install graphviz
$ sudo apt-get install graphviz

Configuring settings

These can be specified by creating a .deprc file with the following settings in the root directory of your codebase:

  "root": "public/assets/js",
  "config": "public/assets/js/config.js",  # Optional
  "webpack_config": "public/assets/js/webpack.config.js",  # Optional
  "styles_root": "public/assets/sass",       # Optional
  "exclude": ['jquery.js', 'require.js'],  # Optional
  "build_config": "public/assets/js/build.json", # Optional
  "node_path": "/my/node/install/folder"   # Optional
  • You must supply a value for either root or styles_root

Settings explanation:

  • "root": the location where your JS files reside
  • "config": the location of your RequireJS configuration for AMD codebases
  • "webpack_config": the location of your Webpack configuration
  • "styles_root": the location of your stylesheets (Sass, Stylus)
  • "exclude": a list of files and folder names to exclude in the search for dependents
  • "build_config": the location of your requirejs build configuration file
  • "node_path": the location of your node executable

Please modify the values according to your codebase.

Menu Options

You can find other features of this plugin from:

Packages -> Dependents

Or by right clicking on a file and going to the Dependents menu

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Jump to Dependency: Alt + Click (or CMD + Alt + Right Arrow) on the import name.
  • Find Dependents: CMD + Alt + Up Arrow

Use Ctrl instead of CMD for Windows/Linux.