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AST helpers for recognizing CommonJS, AMD, and ES6 module types
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Collection of useful helper functions when trying to determine module type (CommonJS or AMD) properties of an AST node.

AST checks are based on the Esprima (Spidermonkey) format

npm install ast-module-types


Each of these takes in a single AST node argument and returns a boolean.

  • isDefine: if node matches an AMD define function call (defining a module)
  • isRequire: if node matches a require function all (declaring a dependency)
  • isTopLevelRequire: if node matches a require at the very top of the file.
  • isAMDDriverScriptRequire: if node matches an AMD driver script's require call require([deps], function)
  • isExports: if the node matches CommonJS module.exports or exports (defining a module)

Detecting the various forms of defining an AMD module

  • isNamedForm: if the node is a define call of the form: define('name', [deps], func)
  • isDependencyForm: if the node is a define call of the form: define([deps], func)
  • isFactoryForm: if the node is a define call of the form: define(func(require))
  • isNoDependencyForm: if the node is a define call of the form: define({})
  • isREMForm: if the node matches the form: define(function(require, exports, module){});

ES6 Types

All types abide by the EStree spec

  • isES6Import: if the node is any of the es6 import forms
  • isES6Export: if the node is of any es6 export forms


var types = require('ast-module-types');

// Assume node is some node of an AST that you parsed using esprima or esprima-fb
// ...

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