Get the files that depend on a given JS/Sass/Stylus file
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Dependents npm npm

Get the modules that depend on (i.e., require/import) a given module.

npm install dependents

Primarily built for use in Sublime Dependents.

  • Supports JS module systems: AMD, CommonJS, and ES6 modules. Also supports RequireJS and Webpack loader configurations.
  • Supports SASS imports.
  • Support Stylus import/require

Note: this library will utilize multi-core processing if the number of files to process within the supplied directory is >= 500.

  • You can supply your own parallelThreshold option to lower/raise that threshold
  • The value 500 was empirically found to be when the tool started to naturally slow down.


JS Example:
var dependents = require('dependents');

// Find all modules that require (depend on) ./a.js
  filename: './a.js',
  directory: './',
  config: 'path/to/my/config.js', // optional
  webpackConfig: 'path/to/my/webpack.config.js', // optional
  exclude: ['my_vendor_files'],  // optional
function(err, dependents) {
SASS Example:
  • Other CSS preprocessors follow the usage pattern
var dependents = require('dependents');

// Find all sass files that import (depend on) _myPartial.scss
  filename: '_myPartial.scss',
  directory: 'path/to/my/sass',
function(err, dependents) {


Required options:
  • filename: the module that you want to get the dependents of
  • directory: the directory to search for dependents (also known as the "root")
  • files: list of files to search through (if you want to control the files processed). Useful in clustering.
  • config: path to your requirejs config. Used to look up path aliases.
  • webpackConfig: path to your webpack config. Used to look up path aliases.
  • exclude: a list of files and/or folders to exclude from the search.
    • The following 3rd party modules are excluded from the following folders by default: node_modules, bower_components, vendor


Requires npm install -g dependents

dependents --directory=path/to/my/js [options] filename
  • You can see all the cli options via dependents --help