Working Set Page Cache side-channel IPC PoC
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wsIPC is a Proof-of-Concept for Windows that abuses shared RO pages in the process Working Set (page cache) to build a simple covert inter-process communication channel.

Demo gif


Page Cache Attacks is a recently published paper by Gruss et al. which describes a page-resolution side-channel due to process-level page caching on OSes such as Linux and Windows. Full details are in the paper.


This VS2017 solution consists of a wsIPC dynamically-linked library which implements the side channel-based communications and some demo template code to show how it's used. To run, simply start one instance of Demo.exe as the sender:

PS C:\wsIPC> .\Demo.exe send
             _______  _____
 _    _____ /  _/ _ \/ ___/
| |/|/ (_-<_/ // ___/ /__
|__,__/___/___/_/   \___/
 POC by @depletionmode
[+] wsIpc library loaded successfully @ 0x0FDE0000.
[-] Attempting to send message (ArthurMorgan[13])...
[+] ...successfully sent!

And a further instance as the receiver:

PS C:\wsIPC> .\Demo.exe recv
             _______  _____
 _    _____ /  _/ _ \/ ___/
| |/|/ (_-<_/ // ___/ /__
|__,__/___/___/_/   \___/
 POC by @depletionmode
 [+] wsIpc library loaded successfully @ 0x0FDE0000.
 [-] Attempting to read message...
 [+] ...successfully received! -> ArthurMorgan

NOTE: Windows 10 19H1 contains a mitigation for the side-channel (the Working Set ShareCount is sanitized for non-privileged processes). On 19H1+ the PoC must therefore be run elevated.

Library usage

wsIPC.dll can be dynamically loaded by any process. Usage is as simple as Send()-ing from one process and Receive()-ing from another.

typedef HRESULT(*IpcSend)(PBYTE, ULONG);
typedef HRESULT(*IpcReceive)(BYTE*, SIZE_T, SIZE_T*);

HMODULE lib = LoadLibraryA("wsIPC.dll");

IpcSend pIpcSend = (IpcSend)GetProcAddress(lib, "Send");
IpcReceive pIpcReceive = (IpcReceive)GetProcAddress(lib, "Receive");