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Ultima VII Party Planner

This is a project designed to take some of the pain out of training party members in Ultima VII: The Black Gate. For what it does, this is an over-engineered monstrosity. The intention of this project was a learning exercise (primarily backbone.js). What I thought was going to be a simple little program turned out to be complicated. Complicated for me anyway.

There is a very small niche community of five to ten people that might find this interesting but not terribly useful.

There are known bugs/unimplemented features/unintuitive interface glitches but I love feedback! If you have an opinion from the perspective of an Ultima fan or fellow coder please let me know (I need all the help I can get).

Blog Post

How to Use

Choose Party Member

When you choose a party member from the drop down they are automatically added to the party (see Current Party below). New members will have the same stats they start with in the game.

###Party Member Stats Directly below Choose Party Member is the chosen party member's current stats. They can be manually manipulated with the + and - buttons on either side of the stat, or they can be typed in. Stats will be saved for each party member until the reset button is pressed or the page is reloaded. The reset button only effects the displayed member.

###Current Party This box shows who you have selected to be in the party. Clicking on a member will change the main view back to that member. Right clicking will dismiss them.

Accidentally dismissing a party member does not reset their training and stats. They can be added back by selecting them again in the Choose Party Member drop-down.

###Select Trainers If the party member has sufficient training points, clicking on a trainer will update the member stats to reflect training with that trainer. You can click on the same trainer multiple times. Right clicking will undo the training. Undoing the training from a trainer will undo subsequent trains made (for example if you choose to train with Markus then with Lucky, and then untrain with Markus, both trainers will be undone).

As you select trainers the Trainer Checklist and Map sections will populate automatically.

###Trainer Checklist This is a list of trainers to visit and which party members to train when you get there. Cost per trainer is provided next to the trainer's name. Total cost of all training is at the top. This does not yet account for nuances in training order, so keep that in mind.

###Map A dot on the map depicts the location of a trainer on the checklist. Hover the trainer name in the checklist to see which dots correlate to which trainer.

Potential Future Improvements

  • Mobile friendly
  • Save to local storage
  • Keep Select Trainers table sorted after clicking
  • Animated map dots
  • Update manual party member stat changes in stat change history


Starting stats for all party members.
Trainer's stats and explination of 'rubberband effect'.
Trainer specific formulas.
A nice U7 map.


Help plan your party training in Ultima VII.






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