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[bug] changed(property) always return true #107

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I am using dpd v0.6.7.
I have added changed(code) in PUT and VALIDATE and It always return true.
I changed the code to changed(id) to test it and it also returned true

@ritch ritch closed this in b545a8b
@alternatex alternatex added a commit that referenced this issue
@alternatex alternatex Merge branch 'master' of git://
# By Ritchie Martori (5) and others
# Via Dallon Feldner (1) and others
* 'master' of git://
  Dashboard bug fixes
  additional changed() fixes
  Fixed bug where changing a property type from "number" to "string" made existing properties uneditable.
  updated history
  fixed certain errors returned as HTML rather than JSON
  fixed #107, changed() returning incorrect true when values were equal
  fixed restarts caused by 404s of unexpected http verbs
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