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A Game for Global Game Jam 2018
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Signal is a game jam game made for Global Game Jam 2018. It is a point and click adventure game with four puzzles, and a short framing story threaded through the game.

Signal logo, picture of radio against wasteland

Signal uses the Unity engine. Checkouts from this repository are known to be buildable with Unity 2017.3.0f3.

The soundtrack is available on SoundCloud:

Team Members

In alphabetical order,

  • Dietrich Epp (@DietrichEpp): Programming

  • Rachel Geng (@koloquials): Art

  • Jaden Horsfield (@maotousarms): Writing, Has Purple Hair, Moral Support

  • Nyusha Iampolski (@f.f0000): Art

  • Michael Poltronieri Tang (@RealMichaelTang): Programming, Voice

  • Aneudis Salcedo: Programming

  • Demetri Sofides (@dsofides): Programming, Art

  • Gautam Srikishan (@gsrikishan): Music, Sound Design, Writing