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3. Run `npm install` on your updated yeoman, to resolve the Express.js dependency and any other dependencies if you haven't installed yeoman before
4. If you wish to install the `express` and `angularcrud` generators, copy them into your yeoman install's `node_modules/yeoman-generators/lib/generators`. Yeoman should be able to pick them up automatically when you try calling them
-### Getting started
+### Getting started from scratch
+After you've gone through the installation process, you have two options - you can
+either start a brand new application using the below commands or skip to the demo
+where some included sample code is available for you to try out.
yeoman init angularcrud
yeoman init angularcrud:crud post
yeoman init express post
yeoman server
+# you can then navigate to #/api/post/index to verify
+# that the routing is working with Express correctly
### Demo

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