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Web Components
Using metal components as web components (custom elements).

Web Components

Metal components are generally invoked in one of three ways:

  • JavaScript
new metal.MyComponent({
	title: 'Hello, World!'
}, '#element');
  • Soy
{call MyComponent.render}
	{param title: "Hello, World!" /}
  • JSX
<MyComponent title="Hello, World" />

However, with the help of the metal-web-component package, Metal components can be invoked as Custom Elements in plain HTML.

<my-component title="Hello, World"></my-component>


First you must install the metal-web-component package:

npm i --save metal-web-component

Currently, web components don't work on every browser, so a polyfill must be used. Include the webcomponents-lite polyfill if you intend to use web components on Firefox, Edge, or IE11.

Define web components

This package exposes a single helper function that can be used to wrap any Metal component in a web component. It receives two arguments: the tag name you want the web component to receive, and the constructor of the Metal component:

import JSXComponent from 'metal-jsx';
import defineWebComponent from 'metal-web-component';

class MyComponent extends JSXComponent {
	render() {
		return <h1>{this.props.message}</h1>

MyComponent.PROPS = {
	message: {
		value: ''

defineWebComponent('my-component', MyComponent);

Now that the web component is defined, it can be invoked in plain html:

<my-component message="This is a web component"></my-component>

This results in the following HTML on the page:

<h1>This is a web component</h1>

If you would like the component's markup to be rendered using the Shadow DOM, simply set the useshadowdom attribute to true when calling the web component:

<my-component message="This is a web component" useshadowdom="true"></my-component>

This means that any styling on the page will not cascade to your component's markup. See MDN's documentation for more info.