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Plots of bivariate distributions
Creates images of two-dimensional joint probability density functions
18 Aug 2010
import numpy as N
import scipy as S
import scipy.stats as stats
from PIL import Image
import pyx
printextra = 0
class PlotVariable(object):
A variable that we might want to plot
drawzero = 0
title = 'Variable name, units'
shorttitle = 'Variable'
n = None
min = None
max = None
badvalue = 0.0
def __init__(self, data, drawzero=0):
self.drawzero = drawzero = data
self.mask = != self.badvalue
def settitle(self, title, shorttitle=None):
self.title = title
if shorttitle: self.shorttitle = shorttitle
def setminmaxn(self, min=None, max=None, n=None, logarithmic=0):
"n is number of bins to use for the images"
if not n is None: self.n = n
self.min = min
self.max = max
self.logarithmic = logarithmic
if self.logarithmic:
self.min = N.log10(self.min)
self.max = N.log10(self.max)
# this will fail if setminmaxn has already been called = N.log10(
self.setmask(( > self.min) & ( <= self.max))
def setmask(self, mask):
"Adds mask to the data mask"
self.mask = self.mask & mask
# end class PlotVariable
class Graph(pyx.graph.graphxy):
epsilon = 1.e-4 # misses of axis extremes
labelsonx = True
labelsony = True
figwidth = 10
figheight = 10
def __init__(self, xvar, yvar, weights=[None, None, None], gamma=1.0, statslevel=1):
Create an individual pyx graph of one variable vs another
xvar - x variable (instance of PlotVariable)
yvar - y variable (instance of PlotVariable)
Derived from graphxy, so can be inserted in a canvas
# Mask out any outlying points
# This makes all the difference! =[xvar.mask & yvar.mask] =[xvar.mask & yvar.mask]
# We now have three separate weights for the RGB channels
self.weights = []
for w in weights:
if w is None:
self.weights.append(w[xvar.mask & yvar.mask])
if statslevel > 0:
for var in (xvar, yvar):
if printextra: print "Range of %s is [%0.4f, %0.4f]" % (var.shorttitle,,
print "Mean +/- sigma of %s is %0.4f +/- %0.4f" % (var.shorttitle,,
if printextra: print "Median of %s is %0.4f" % (var.shorttitle,
print "Correlation coefficient of %s with %s is %0.4f" % (xvar.shorttitle,
if printextra:
a, b = S.polyfit(,, 1)
print "Linear fit is %s = %0.4f %s + %0.4f" % (yvar.shorttitle, a,
xvar.shorttitle, b)
print "Mean +/- sigma of (%s - %s) is %0.4f +/- %0.4f" % (yvar.shorttitle,
if printextra:
quart25 = stats.scoreatpercentile( -, 25)
quart50 = stats.scoreatpercentile( -, 50)
quart75 = stats.scoreatpercentile( -, 75)
print "Median of (%s - %s) is %0.4f or %0.4f" % (xvar.shorttitle,
N.median( -,
print "1st & 3rd quartiles of (%s - %s) are %0.4f and %0.4f (diff %0.4f)" % (
xvar.shorttitle, yvar.shorttitle,
quart25, quart75, quart75 - quart25)
# Make a grid containing histogram of how many pixels there are
# with each combination of variables
# Now one for each RGB channel 24 May 2010
channels = []
for w in self.weights:
xygrid, xedges, yedges = N.histogram2d(,,
bins=[xvar.n, yvar.n], range=[[xvar.min, xvar.max], [yvar.min, yvar.max]],
normed=True, weights=w)
# Turn it into an image, using PIL
im ='L', size=(xvar.n, yvar.n))
# Make positive image
xyscale = xygrid.flatten()/xygrid.max()
if gamma != 1.0: xyscale = xyscale**(1./gamma)
im.putdata(xyscale, scale=255.0)
# note that transpose does not work in-place!
## Now combine the 3 RGB channels
rgbim = Image.merge('RGB', channels)
# Now make a graph to return
if self.labelsonx:
xpainter = pyx.graph.axis.painter.regular()
xpainter = pyx.graph.axis.painter.linked()
if self.labelsony:
ypainter = pyx.graph.axis.painter.regular()
ypainter = pyx.graph.axis.painter.linked()
if xvar.logarithmic:
xaxis = pyx.graph.axis.logarithmic(title=xvar.title, painter=xpainter,
xaxis = pyx.graph.axis.linear(title=xvar.title, painter=xpainter,
min=xvar.min+self.epsilon, max=xvar.max-self.epsilon)
if yvar.logarithmic:
yaxis = pyx.graph.axis.logarithmic(title=yvar.title, painter=ypainter,
yaxis = pyx.graph.axis.linear(title=yvar.title, painter=ypainter,
min=yvar.min+self.epsilon, max=yvar.max-self.epsilon)
pyx.graph.graphxy.__init__(self, width=self.figwidth, height=self.figheight,
x=xaxis, y=yaxis)
self.insert(pyx.bitmap.bitmap(0, 0, rgbim, width=self.figwidth, height=self.figheight))
# add the zero-velocity line where needed
zerolinestyle = [pyx.color.transparency(0.5),,]
if xvar.drawzero: self.stroke(self.xgridpath(0), zerolinestyle)
if yvar.drawzero: self.stroke(self.ygridpath(0), zerolinestyle)
# End class Graph