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program cubevstats
! calculates mean densities for the data cubes
use wfitsutils, only: fitsread, fitscube
implicit none
real, parameter :: boltzmann_k = 1.3806503e-16, mp = 1.67262158e-24, mu = 1.3
real, dimension(:,:,:), allocatable :: d, xi, bx, by, bz, bb
logical, dimension(:,:,:), allocatable :: m
print *, 'Run prefix (e.g., 30112005_c)?'
read '(a)', prefix
print *, 'First and last time index, and step?'
read *, it1, it2, itstep
write(itstring,'(3("-",i4.4))') it1, it2, itstep
open(1, file=trim(prefix)//itstring//'.vstats', action='write')
do it = it1, it2, itstep
if (it==1) then
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